Don't Hurt Me *COMPLETED*

Kaya is a girl who has lost her trust for people. She can't trust people just her best friend Niall. He doesn't know what her father does to her. She's afraid of everyone, but that's normal after all her 'father' did to her. Will she ever trust peoples other than Niall?


9. Comfortable!


{{{ Heeey, now it is weekend. So I'll try to write many chapters. Hope you'll like this :)) Love ya all! xx }}}


I walked up to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and hair, and put on my pj's. It was a black shirt with 'Sweet Dreams' written in a light pink color on the front. The shorts was also black with 'Princess' written on the butt. Ahah, I love this pj's. I walked down to Niall and Greg. "Niall where shall I sleep?" He didn't answer he just looked at me and walked upstairs. "You can slee in my bed." I nodded and layed down under the duvet. "I'll be right back Kaya." He smiled and walked into the bathroom. I shut my eyes slowly and waited. I heard someone walk in the room very silence. I opened my eyes and saw Niall laying on the floor with a pillow and a carpet. "Niall?" I asked confused. He turned his head towards me. "Hmm?" I sat up in Niall's bed. I patted the place next me. "I don't want you to sleep on the floor Niall." I laughed. "Come on Niall. I want to cuddle with my best friend!!!" I whined like a baby. He laughed and got up from the floor. He sat down on the bed and I attacked him with a BIG hug. We laid down on the bed under the duvet and Niall wrapped his arms around me. I cuddled up to him and laid my head on his chest.  It was so comfortable. I felt him kiss my head. "Goodnight Kaya" I smiled. "Goodnight Niall!!" and I hugged him tight.


I opened my eyes slowly and looked around. I was still cuddling Niall. I looked up at Niall and looked at his perfect face. His eyelashes was beautiful and his adorable nose. While I looked at him his eyes slowly opened. I turned my head quickly and closed my eyes. He laughed at me. I knew he saw that I stared at him. Oh, so embarrassing. "You're awake darling?" He has always called me cute names like Darling, Sweetheart, Princess, Love and more. Haha, the funniest he has called me was Potato. I looked up at him, he smiled at me. I kissed his cheek and got up. Were acting like we're in a realisonship, but we're dont. We've just a comfortable friendship, but I want it to be a realisonship. 

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