my brother the popstar

i bet you think lifes great for me being the little sister of one of the worlds biggest popstars. harry styles, one of the 5 members of an world famous pop group. you an think again. i hate my life........

chloe styles could be your average 18 year old. she goes to college, has a boyfriend and has a job.but shes not your average 18 year old. shes the little sister of harry styles. she dreams of becoming a singer but doesnt want to outshine her brother. but what happens when she has a row with him and decides to go for it. what happens when she lives her dream.


3. x factor

chloes p.o.v


 i stood on the front of the stage in front of thousands of people

"chloe?" simon asked and i nodded

"yep simon"

"why are you here?"

"same reason as everyone else"

"what you gonna sing?"

"beautiful by christine aguilera"

"go for it" i sang my song and everyone stared

"well chloe, i expected that the little sister of harry styles would have some talent, but wow. that was phenominal!" simon said

"i agree" cheryl said. dont ask me why cheryl coles back on the panel. i know shes a good singer and all but i swear simon and her hated each other "yes or no guys"



"its a yes from me"

"you have 4 yes's your through to bootcamp. well done!" the minute i got off stage i pulled my phone out. my thumb hovered over harrys number but i quickly changed my mind. i went straight for liam

"how'd it go" he asked straight away

"4 yes's" i replied

"well done i knew you'd be brilliant"

"dont you mean brilliam?" i heard him chuckle down the phone

"yes of course. anyway how bout i take you out for dinner tonight to celebrate?"

"i would love that" i got in my car and drove home.


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