my brother the popstar

i bet you think lifes great for me being the little sister of one of the worlds biggest popstars. harry styles, one of the 5 members of an world famous pop group. you an think again. i hate my life........

chloe styles could be your average 18 year old. she goes to college, has a boyfriend and has a job.but shes not your average 18 year old. shes the little sister of harry styles. she dreams of becoming a singer but doesnt want to outshine her brother. but what happens when she has a row with him and decides to go for it. what happens when she lives her dream.


2. no!

chloes p.o.v


my phone rang. sammy. just the person i wanted to talk to

"hey" i answered

"hey um chloe, theres something you need to know.... jonathans cheating on you"


"yeah, i know. im so sorry"

"ok well  ill call you back"

"whats up chloe" harry asked

"nothing" i shouted and ran out the door.i ran out of the house and down the road. i kept running until i got to jonathans door. i knocked and he answered

"whats up baby doll?" he asked me

"dont whats up me! you know whats up. how could you cheat on me?" i yelled

"because your annoying chloe. i thought i like you but i dont. your obsessed with that famous brother of yours and his little band mates. your pathetic."

"and your a dick" i yelled. he slapped me round the face. hard

"dont talk to me like that you little bitch"

"dont ever talk to me at all. and for the record. we're done"

"no im the one that ends it you little bitch. not you" he slapped me hard again before punching me in the stomach and pushing me to the ground.

"oi" i heard a voice shout. someone with a beanie and sunglasses went up to jonathan and punched him hard in the face. then he turned to me, picked me up and sprinted off. whilst in his arms i pulled his sunglasses off. liam

"thanks lee" i said

"anytime. that guys such a prick chloe. why did you go out with him?" he asked

"i thought i loved him. but i never did really. there was always someone else who i was too afraid to talk to"


"you" he leant down and kissed me

"chloe styles, i've got something to admit aswell. i love you, will you go out with me"

"of course!" i smiled and by now we were back at the house

"what happened chloe" harry asked seeing  my red face

"jonathans a prick but liam nearly knocked him out. and oh by th way im going out with liam!" i said before going upstairs to my room. harry run up after me

"you what"

"im going out with liam"

"no chloe you cant. if you break up then i have to choose between you and him"

"i would have thought it would have been an easy decision"

"not really no"

"you know what harry. stuff you. all i ever do is to make you happy. i want to beome a singer but im not cuz of you. i wanted to work in a bakery but i couldnt cuz of you. i want to go out ith liam payne and your not gonna stop me!" i yelled before storming out of the room. mum had just got in

"chloe, where are you going" she yelled after me

"im going to manchester. auditions for xfactor are today and im not wasting my life for harry any more" i yelled as i got in my car. i drove all the way to manchester. i got there just in time and was the last to audition.

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