my brother the popstar

i bet you think lifes great for me being the little sister of one of the worlds biggest popstars. harry styles, one of the 5 members of an world famous pop group. you an think again. i hate my life........

chloe styles could be your average 18 year old. she goes to college, has a boyfriend and has a job.but shes not your average 18 year old. shes the little sister of harry styles. she dreams of becoming a singer but doesnt want to outshine her brother. but what happens when she has a row with him and decides to go for it. what happens when she lives her dream.


4. bootcamp

chloes p.o.v


i'd picked up the routine quite well actually considering im like the lamest dancer in the world. there was one girl there. she had an unusual name. it started with n but i couldnt quite think of it. she was amazing though. i was sure she was getting through. after singing and dancing we were standing in the line on stage. i was waiting for my name to get called out. it didnt. neither did the really good girl. we went off stage in tears. i wanted to get throuh for my own benifit but i also wanted to prove harry wrong. then they called the acts out that had to stay behind.

"charlotte betty, isabel mack, nixie tucker and chloe styles" they said. nixie. that was it. the other two were really good aswell. we went on the stage and i knew what as going to happen. it happened 3 years ago to my brother. they went on about how we were too talented to waste but they didnt think we would get as far as soloists.

"so we think its a good idea to put you guys together as a band" i turned and all the other girls were noddng their heads like crazy. we got off stage and all gave eachother a massive hug. charlotte seemed to be freacking out a little.

"whats up?" i asked her

"i just can believe im in a band with chloe styles. i have had a major crush on your brother for like 3 years." she said.

"well if you want we can stay in the bungalow the boys stayed in, in their first week as being a band. and the minute they get back from america you can meet them" we all gave eachother another massive hug before trading phone numbers and going off. they were coming to the bungalow tomorrow but going home first. i got my phone out and called liam

"hey baby, how'd it go" he asked

"amazing!" i replied

"dot you mean amayzayn?"

"no liam thats my thing. anywayi've been put in a band with 3 other girls and they're really nice. they're staying in the bungalow like you guys did."

"thats great babe. ill tell harry for ya cuz we'e about to go on"

"okay love you" i couldnt believe how perfect my life was.

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