the stickerer

Blurb: real life thing about some person in my class putting stickers on people.


3. The stickerer strikes yet again!

Ok, so another day has gone by and babsie has got stickered again! It is defiantly someone who plays bald eagle, girls playing the game have all mysteriously got severely attacked by the stickerer. But fascinatingly enough, the disease has stopped spreading but again, they are sticking babsie frequently! So I've made a chart of how many times people have found an irritating spots on them today…



 Tia     | 1

 Paige | 1

Steph  | 1

Abbie  | 2

Jodi     | 1

Amelia | 1

Hmmmmm, interesting! Another thing is that our teacher, has said that if this mystery carries on then our class will miss ALL our play times next week until they confess. Tommorow, we will write if they continue

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