the stickerer

Blurb: real life thing about some person in my class putting stickers on people.


2. again

Another day of stickering has gone past. Today we had more stickering going on. Then we realised something. I was talking to Emily lc and we are music monitors and we thought maybe there are two stickerers. Then we thought the stickerer could have stickered themselves.

I thought I can not solve this mystery on my own. It is too hard to. I am getting clues from interviews from people who know what has happened. Todays interview is from plutopartay1 on messaging. I have copied the message from it so it will show names you will not  recognise and they are from my class.

 Well, in maths Nathan and natty got one on them. Strangely enough, only mr atwall had walked past them. Me and Tia then found one on each of us? Nathan decided it was a ghost stickerer and just today , now the person has brought out new colours: green, blue, yellow and dark blue. Also, we know its not you but it seems all the stickers end up on babsie. So, maybe the stickerer might be aiming for babsie? Also, it is whoever plays bald eagle, all the girls find one on them during the game! 

So suspect list has gone down to the people playing bald eagle. Here is what else she said about suspects:

Maybe, whoever was bald eagle, when they like touched them, they stuck on a sticker!!

•me ( us guys never
• Tia Got bald eagle)
• Katie

So none of the boys  played bald egale so it wasn’t them. That is all from this today.


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