In Love With My Bully (Zayn Malik)

Bella Simpson, cousin to Cody Simpson, has known Zayn Malik since 8th grade. But he bullies her. What happens when Zayn expresses his feelings for her? Will she accept it and live happily ever after or will Zayn break her heart later on?
(Blurb submitted by Jessica___ Malik)


3. ILWMB: Chapter 3

*Bella's POV*

After school, Waliyha and I decided to hang out at my place. We basted Fall Out Boy and Hot Chelle Rae the entire ride home. Waliyha told me stories about her and her siblings Zac, Doniya and Safaa.

"...and then Safaa jumped on Zac's back and they both fell into the pool!" Waliyha burst out laughing.

"Oh. My god. That sounds like the world's best prank!" I said.

"It was! It was!" Waliyha said, struggling to breath due to her incessant laughter.

I pulled into the driveway of my house and parked in the garage. We headed up to my room. Waliyha was in the middle of telling me another story when my iPhone pinged with a notification.

JACK: Heyu baby! When are you going to come back to Brighton to see me? :(

ME: I don't know.


ME: Omg! XD

JACK: Hey I g2g. Talk to you later! I love you<3 Xx

ME: I love you too. Bye. Xx

I locked my iPhone and tuned back into Waliyha which was hard considering my eyes kept drifting to my lock screen/home screen picture of Jack.

"Okay who is he?" Waliyha took a seat in my desk chair and twirled a strand of hair around her perfectly manicured fingers then snatched my phone away from me.

"Hey! Give that back!" I giggled.

"Never! Now tell me who he is!" Waliyha held my phone at arms length, away from my reach.

"Fine. That is my boyfriend. Wait. How did you know I was talking to a 'he'? I raised an eyebrow in mock-curiosity.

Waliyha rolled her eyes. "You were smiling like an idiot and your cheeks were flushed." She smirked.

"Oh. Okay." I sighed, admitting defeat. She handed me my phone back reluctantly.

"Show me a picture of him!" Waliyha clapped her hands.

"Fine." I unlocked my phone and pulled up my favourite picture of him.

Jack was sitting on the hood of his father's Mercedes Benz convertible. His hair was a sandy blond and his eyes were a piercing blend of sea foam green and a dark navy blue. His eyes were his best feature. They were beautiful. His hair fell into his eyes in shaggy bits. He had on dark wash jeans, a plain grey Nike sweatshirt and a Chicago Bulls snapback. He loved that American basketball team.

"Awww! He's so cute!" Waliyha gushed.

"Yeah, I know. I miss him a lot. He and I grew up together you know. His mother and my mother were best friends. But then we moved. Before I moved Jack took me to the beach behind my house and kissed me. He told me he loved me and that he would never let me go. That was the first time he ever said that to me. That was the day we started dating. Truth is I had loved him all that time as well but never found the courage to tell him." I explained.

"That sounds so sweet. You're really lucky to have a guy like him. If I were you, I wouldn't let him go either. You guys sound too perfect together." Waliyha said.

"Thanks." I looked down at the floor before laying down on my bed.

"So what are you doing for fall break?" Waliyha started spinning in my chair.

"I don't really know yet. My parents aren't really the vacation-y type." I ran a hand through my knotted hair and contemplated whether or not I should wash it again tonight or just wash it the next morning.

"Well my family is going to Brighton and you could join us for fall break down there. You could see Jack! I bet my summer house isn't that far from where he lives. I mean he lives on the coast. My summer house is on the coast." Waliyha used her hands to explain everything. "Oh! Let's look it up on Google MAPS!"

"Okay." I got out of my bed and joined her at my laptop on my desk.

"Let's see here....421 North Marcus Ave. Brighton, UK (the summer house) and what's his address?" Waliyha typed.

"422 North Marcus Ave. Brighton, UK." My eyes scanned my computer screen.

"Well that doesn't need looking up then! He just lives across the street!" Waliyha bounced in her seat.

"That's awesome!" I jumped up in the air, my arms up as well.

This fall break was going to be amazing! An entire week dedicated to getting my mind off of my bully Zayn.


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