In Love With My Bully (Zayn Malik)

Bella Simpson, cousin to Cody Simpson, has known Zayn Malik since 8th grade. But he bullies her. What happens when Zayn expresses his feelings for her? Will she accept it and live happily ever after or will Zayn break her heart later on?
(Blurb submitted by Jessica___ Malik)


15. ILWMB: Chapter 14

*Bella's POV*

I was standing with Zayn in the wings of the X FACTOR UK stage in London. I was super nervous. The day had finally come for our audition. Simon had already said no to so many people and most of them came off the stage crying. I was scared.

"Zayn what if he says no to us? What if he doesn't like my style or the song we chose to sing? I can feel it in my bones Zayn he's not going to like us he not going to—"

Zayn blocked me off with a sweet kiss on the lips. He continued and I wrapped my arms around his neck. I heard an awkward cough behind us and I looked around Zayn shyly, a scarlet colour rising on my cheeks.

"Hi. I'm Harry Styles." He held out his hand and I shook it. 

"Bella Simpson." I giggled. "You might know me as the cousin of Cody Simpson. He's kind of famous. He's getting there though. He's been speaking to some producers." I shrugged my shoulders.

"That's cool." Harry walked towards me a little as Zayn walked away, in a conversation with Doniya over the phone.

"So your doing a duet with him?" Harry grinned. 

"Yeah. We're singing the Popular Song by Mika featuring Ariana Grande." I turned my feet inwards and blushed a little bit.

"Hey. You'll do fine." Harry laughed.

"I know. I'm just so nervous! Zayn and I have spent the past week rehearsing." I fanned myself with my hand.

"Oh. They just called my name. Wish me luck!" Harry crossed his fingers and walked out on stage.

His voice was amazing and he wished me luck before Zayn and I went on. When we were finished. Simon's mouth was wide open.

"I loved it. It was flirty, it was fun and its definitely what I'm looking for in a duet. Especially with a duet of a girl and boy. I loved it and I already's a yes for me." Simon smiled.

"Oh my god thank you Simon! Thank you so so much!" I could feel tears rolling down my face. All the other judges said yes and Zayn and I were ecstatic.



Sorry for the really crappy chapter guys!

Xx, Rachel



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