In Love With My Bully (Zayn Malik)

Bella Simpson, cousin to Cody Simpson, has known Zayn Malik since 8th grade. But he bullies her. What happens when Zayn expresses his feelings for her? Will she accept it and live happily ever after or will Zayn break her heart later on?
(Blurb submitted by Jessica___ Malik)


1. ILWMB: Chapter 1

*Bella's POV*

As my vision cleared I realized I was in an office. Platinum albums lined the walls behind and around me. My best friend Laura and my cousin's Alli and Cody were there.

"Well Miss Simpson?" A man in a white tee and jeans said to me. "We'd like to add you as a member of the Syco family." The man slid what looked like a contract over his desk towards me as well as a pen.

I looked at Laura, Cody and Alli. They all nodded and directed my attention to the pen. I picked it up and was about to sign my name when Laura started shrieking at the top of her lungs.

"Wake-up! Wake-up! Wake-up! Wake-up! Wake-up!" She screamed.

I blinked once and when I opened my eyes I was back in my room. My best friend Laura was attacking me and jumping on my bed.

"Laura get off of me!" I shouted. A comforter was covering my mouth so it came out sounding like 'Aura et offa e!'

Laura was quick to climb off.

"Thankyou! I was having a really nice dream until you woke me up!" I smirked playfully at her.

"Sorry but get dressed! We have to be at the school to get our assigned Study Buddy by 8:00. It's 6:30!"

"Relax! I have an hour and a half!" I pushed my blankets away from me and headed towards my shower. I took a quick one and dried/curled my hair when I was done as well as applying my makeup.

When I stepped out of the bathroom and onto my push sheepskin carpet, Laura threw three things clothing at me: my LOVE tee, my Bilbrook denim shorts and my black cross studded Converse All Stars.

(Bella's Outfit:

I grabbed my Tilbury bag and Laura grabbed her Roxy tote and we piled into my Audi R8 (a gift from my parents for passing my drivers exam).

"You're so lucky you have your license." Laura sighed.

Yeah. So lucky. Because driving your cousins all over Bradford whenever they visist (which is every weekend) is totally living the dream. Hashtag NOT!

"Ugh. I just hope you-know-who isn't going to be there." I shivered at the thought of him.

"Who? Zayn?" I glared at Laura the second she said his name. Laura just stared back blankly and licked the spoon she was eating her yogurt with.

I shook my head at her. You could give her four bags of crisps and she'd have them ate in like five minutes. No joke. It's insane how much she could eat.

"Whaaaaat?" Laura groaned.

"Nothing. You and Niall are perfect. I mean honestly. You guys eat like a million pounds of food everyday." I laughed.

"I know!" Laura smiled smugly.

I turned a corner and pulled into the sophomore parking lot of the school. First days mean fresh starts. Hopefully. Laura and I linked got out, linked arms and walked towards the entrance. We passed the 'Bradford High: Home Of The Titans' sign that was perched in the middle of the quad on the way there.

"Shit!" I cursed and dragged Laura in front of me, trying to hide myself from Zayn as him and his friends walked past us. But my quick wit didn't help me this time.

"Hey Bella!" He chirped.

"Just keep walking." I whispered sternly to Laura. She nodded her head in agreement.

"Hey! Where ya going?" Zayn got in front of us and started walking backwards. Laura and I tried to push past him but he wouldn't let us.

"God damnit Zayn! What the actual fuck do you want?!" I screamed at him. Passing students stopped and stared. Next thing I knew, Zayn's hand came in contact with my face. I stung and brought tears to my eyes.

"I swear to god if you EVER raise your voice at me like that again bitch, I will make tour life a living hell this year. Just like last year and the year before." Zayn growled in my ear then stalked off with his friends.

I placed my palm up against my face. It was warm and I'm pretty sure a bright red handprint was already there. My tears rolled down my face and I took off running towards the bathrooms in the school.

"Wait! Bella! What about your Study-Buddy?" Laura yelled after me.

"Send them to the bathrooms!" I cried.



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