Blue Stars and a Baby (Sequel to That boy)

After a hard year, Cara just wants to make life easy. Is that hard? Of course it! She tries to keep herself to her self and epically fails.


9. Chapter 9

I sit there watching everyone.Laughing and smiling,I watch Lila and My Mum and Harry and the nurse.I can't enjoy it though.My secret's eating me up inside,I fell nauseated and uncomfortable."What's up?"Harry finally asked.

I fall apart."I'm so sorry!"I said,my lip starts to tremble.Everyone look at me."About what?"Louis asked.

"I didn't tell you...about the baby!"I said a single tear running down my cheek.My Dad picked up Lila and left the room."We know about the baby now"Niall said.

"Yes but I should of told you ,not some women I don't even know!"

"Why didn't you tell us?"Liam asked.

"I couldn't handle it.I'm not ready for another baby I'm not even married yet and have 2 kids.I can't put guys through this again anyways."

"What do you mean?"Zayn spoke for the first time that night.

"When I wash pregnant with Lila I was hormonal and not the nicest of people.I had her too early and I was almost always the center of attention and when I had her I was under so much pressure I ......."I stopped.I can't tell them."You what?"Niall asked

"I tired!"All faces showed shock.

"WHAT!"Niall screamed.

"Niall..."I crooked.

"NO CARA!I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU!"Shock filled me.

"You're more angry that I tried to smoke then me not telling you about your Son?Well thank God Louis stopped me or god knows what I'll do!"


"Yeah but you don't care do you!"I try standing up but my legs are weak but I want to leave.I pull my self up and pull off the wires."Cara...I'm.!"

"No Niall once again I look bad for putting up with crap!"And I left the room.


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