Blue Stars and a Baby (Sequel to That boy)

After a hard year, Cara just wants to make life easy. Is that hard? Of course it! She tries to keep herself to her self and epically fails.


8. Chapter 8

"I can't believe you're awake!" Louis smiled.God I miss that.

"Yep , nor can I , and you know the funniest thing? I really tired"I laughed.

"MUMMY!" Lila scream.She runs and jumps on me and squeeze me tightly.

"Oh my Little treasure!" I squeezed her tight and really wouldn't of let .

"Look, I draw you mummy!" Lila said holding up a picture that was meant to be me."It's lovely!" I smiled sitting her down.

I sat there is the silence waiting for some one to say something.

"Miss Baltimore your mothers here to see you!" The nurse said.Every one looked at me shocked.I felt so much anger and dread but most of all I felt happiness."Is she my Grandma?"Lila asked.

"I guess!"I replied.

"CARA!"Mum shouted.I just turned my head down to Lila.

"Are you my Grandma?"Lila asked.

"Yes I am!You must be Lila-Claire,I'm Nanny Merissa!" Mum smiled pinching Lila's cheeks.

"It's LILA!" Lila Screamed.

"You shouldn't talk to me like that !"Mum said.

"Don't talk to her like that!" Niall snapped.I was getting angry at her and it's better he told her then me."What do you want mum?"

"I wanted to make sure you were OK and finally met my Granddaughter!"Mum said.

Dad took Lila and beckoned for the boys to follow him.

"Mum I happy you care but as I remember I did say I never wanted to see you again"

"I'm sorry I left , after last we talked I lefted him,John that is.I moved to London I was looking for the right time to drop by and I think now is the right time!" Mum smiled slightly.

"I'm sorry!"


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