Blue Stars and a Baby (Sequel to That boy)

After a hard year, Cara just wants to make life easy. Is that hard? Of course it! She tries to keep herself to her self and epically fails.


7. Chapter 7

It feels like month since I last saw anyone.I listen to people come and go in and out of this room.There is always someone next to me holding my hand but I can never tell who.I can some times tell if it's Niall,the familiar feeling of his hand in mine but I'm today,I just can't tell.

"Ah,Mr Horan you're alone.This isn't easy to say but Cara isn't doing any better.We need your permission to stop the life support."I hear the nurse say."You have till Wednesday to tell us,Please say your goodbye's." I hear the door click gently shut and my heart broke begins to brake.I'm going to die.Die,leave Niall and Lila,the boy's,Shannon and El.I can't die.I'm a mum expecting another child,dieing isn't an option for me,it is never an option.

"Cara please wake up PLEASE!"Niall said shaking me slightly."I can't let you die!"

My body fills with every emotion going."Do it!" I say to my self.I imagine tears rolling down my face,I imagine the heat from them and the pain in my heart grows.He's crying,I'm going to lose him and he's going to lose me,I can't even get up or open my eye's!I'm not even fighting,I'm lying here expecting to wake up any minute."I'm sorry!"I mumble.

"What?"I fell my hand tense up."Cara?"Niall asks.A smile plays across my face.I feel it there,tears leave my eyes coursing them to burn."Niall"I crook.My throat burns and my eye's flicker open and I fell the light burn straight though my head.i hide my eyes with my arm before squinting to see.My muscles tight and cramping every time I move."You're awake!"Niall's face gos red and a tear rolls down,leaving a small track on his cheek.

"I guess so I am not leaving you alone!" I smile before he kisses me lightly.Tears start to leave my eyes faster and faster as I hold him close to me,not wanting to ever let go.

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