Blue Stars and a Baby (Sequel to That boy)

After a hard year, Cara just wants to make life easy. Is that hard? Of course it! She tries to keep herself to her self and epically fails.


6. Chapter 6

I still can't open my eye's.But I love hearing the boy's voices."Hey if I draw on her face maybe she'll wake up!" Louis said pitching another idea.I have been counting, he has pitched 24 in 2 hours."NO LOUIS!" Harry shouted.I wanted to laugh out loud but couldn't,I want to see the boys but mostly I want to hold Lila like never before."Uncle Louis,Mummy Lied to me!"She whispered to him but I heard as they were next to me,I know this because Lila had be holding my hand."About what?"He asked.

"About the baby ,I heard a lady tell daddy about a baby but she told me there wasn't one!"Her voice started to shake and I knew she was going to cry.

I wanted to hold her and tell her I'm sorry But I can't."She has her reasons!"

I knew she was going to cry and I feel awful.

I can't wait to wake up!

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