Blue Stars and a Baby (Sequel to That boy)

After a hard year, Cara just wants to make life easy. Is that hard? Of course it! She tries to keep herself to her self and epically fails.


5. Chapter 5

I drop Lila of at play school.I can't be late today Simon has afford me a job with boy's.Meaning when they go on tour I go to with out having to go back and fourth."Bye Lila!" I wave climbing back in the car.

"Morning Cara!"Ted smiled I smile back not wanting to be rude.

"Hi!2 I say shutting the door and rolling down the window.

"I was wondering if you like to get coffee some time?"

"Ted I'm engaged!"I tell him....again.

"I know you're busy but please!"I just drive off.

7:30am and I'm late.Ted made me late.

"Shit"The road lights turned red.I'm meant to be in the meeting.

"Green!" I put my foot down and raced to my destination.

"Welcome back to Radio Live , I'm Dave"Dave got a new job at the new radio station that has given him a solo job.I turned off the radio and looked up.As I do the light ,Of course, turns red. I start to slowly pull up my foot  but it doesn't budge.I get closer and closer and my foot doesn't move.I stamp my foot on the break but it doesn't work.I'm going to crash.I dial 999 and leave it I grab some of Lila's toys from the front seat and put it on my belly.I"Hello 999 what's your emergency?"


I speed it front of a bus.


It's dark and I can't move.All I hear is beeping and breathing.

"Niall,Mate come on.You've been sat here for a hour!Go get some coffee,I'll stay"I heard Louis voice.

"She's pregnant Lou .....and she didn't tell me"Niall sound so hurt I had made a mistake not telling him.

"She had her reasons"Harry joined in.

"Mummy?"I heard Lila's little voice and my heart broke.I may never see her again.What if I die today?

"Zayn I said keep her out!" Niall shouted.

"SHHHHH Daddy you'll wake Mummy!" I imagine Lila standing there with her hands on her hips.I felt like crying but I'm stuck in a dark world.

"Mr Horan , May I speak to you alone?" A women said ,I heard the others leave.

"Miss Baltimore's car was tampered with ,there was a strange residue on her pedal and the brakes had been cut" The tense in the room was stupid.

"Police are looking in to it,We also know you don't know you're fiance is pregnant, So here are some scans of your son!"I hear the lady leave.

"So it's boy,Cara I love you so much ,you have to pull though or God knows what Lila would be like, the stereotype Irish,Drinking every night.Huh her little accent's cute ,like yours when you where 6!" He laughed slightly and picked up my hand."And I can't wait for you to be Mrs Cara Horan"

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