Blue Stars and a Baby (Sequel to That boy)

After a hard year, Cara just wants to make life easy. Is that hard? Of course it! She tries to keep herself to her self and epically fails.


3. Chapter 3

"Come Look at what Liam and I did to Lila's room!"Niall said leading me across the landing."OK Niall ,Calm down!" I laughed.

"Close your eye's!" Niall put his hand in front of my eye's and continued to walk me to Lila's room."TA DA!" Niall removed his hand and I gasped.

"It's amazing, It's exactly how we designed it!". Lila had planned the colour and I had designed the rest.It was a pale pink and in red it had loads of famous quotes and on in a big heart was her favorite quotes"Just because you don't have a prince doesn't mean you're not a princess"

"We are going to get Zayn to sigh the bottom as it's his quote" Liam said pushing the bed up to the wall.

"She'll love it" I said kissing Niall and Liam on the cheek.I looked back at Niall and he gave me a jealous look.I just winked at him.

I walked over to Lila's bed when my phone vibrate. 

It was Louis. He's out side.

"MUMMY I AM HOME!" Lila shouted while running up to her room.

"Look what I got..." Lila said as her attention faded over to her room.

"AHHHHHH!" Lila screamed running from all the toys in amazement.

"Wow!" Louis said walking in ."I think Li like's it" Louis laughed picking her up.

"Der Uncle Lou who wouldn't"Lila laughed.We all laughed at her and left her in her room.

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