Blue Stars and a Baby (Sequel to That boy)

After a hard year, Cara just wants to make life easy. Is that hard? Of course it! She tries to keep herself to her self and epically fails.


2. Chapter 2

"Hello Miss Baltimore , it's the hospital , we have the sex of your child , would you like to know?" The women asked.

"Yes of course I do!" I whispered shouted , Niall was in the kitchen ,so I didn't want him to hear.

"You're having a boy!"

"OMG! Thank you!" I hung up the phone.

I slipped in to a my loss green dress and pulled on a denim jacket. "I'm going shopping!" I shout to Niall who was in the kitchen feeding Lila. "I want a kiss!" Niall shouted back.I walked in the kitchen and pecked Niall and Lila's cheek."I want to come Mummy!" Lila said.

"But you're going to go dolly shopping with Uncle Lou"! I laughed.

"YAY UNCLE LOUIS!" Lila shouted.I picked my car keys up off the counter.

"Bye babe"

"Wait!" Niall said grabbing my arm.


"Can I go with you?" Niall gave me puppy dogs.

"No! I want a day to my self and you need to decorated Lila's room" I laughed running out the door to the car.Me and Niall sold our separate cars for a land rover to fit us all.I turned the emissions on and reversed out the drive.


"OK Liam , Thank you!" I hung up the phone and walked into The baby parrot.The local baby shop.Liam was helping Niall decorate Lila's room and he had just booked Mine and Niall's wedding reception.

"Hey Cara!" Megan said. I made friends with her when I Lila-Claire.

"Hey Megan!"

"What you need Babe!" Megan asked tilting her head so all her brown her ran over her shoulder."I need some Blue Baby grows, for a friend who is having a baby!"

"OHHHH I love babies!" Megan screamed putting her hands together and putting them under her chin.I laughed at her quirky ness."Right you will love these!" she said pulling a box out.Inside was a baby blue baby grow that had a tiny little Microphone  on it and around it ,it said "Future rock star".

"OMG! I have to that please!"I begged Meg.

"Of course!" Meg wrapped it and handed it to me.


"Cara is that you?"I heard Liam shout.

"Yeah!" I ran up the stairs and straight in to Niall and I's room. I grabbed my dresser key and unlocked it.I placed the perfect baby grow in side and locked it again.

"There you are!" Niall said walking in to the room.

"Here I am!"I said Hugging him. Thank god he didn't see it.

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