Blue Stars and a Baby (Sequel to That boy)

After a hard year, Cara just wants to make life easy. Is that hard? Of course it! She tries to keep herself to her self and epically fails.


14. Chapter 14

I pull up to the back of the building,park the car and silently I get out the car and pull the duffel bag out with me. Lila-Claire jumps out of the car, her little One Direction bag hanging from her shoulder. "Quiet now!" I whisper as I pick her up and head round to the back door. Jamming it open is a small rock that I kick away as we slide inside. "Shh Mummy!" Lila giggles putting a finger up to her lips and hushing me. "They will hear us!" She brakes into hysterics as the screams fill the hall way.

"You,my child,are not normal!" I laugh as she laughs harder than before.

"Cara,first door to the left,it says"CB-LCH" Tom tells me pointing down the hall. Tom has his usual grey t shirt hugging his torso paired with the usual baggy jeans. His scruffy hair spiking in every direction. "Quickly now!" He says.

I nod and head straight to the door hidden out the way. I throw our bags in side and check my make-up quickly. "Mummy,hurry up!" Lila moans.

"Fine,Child" I walk out the door and hear her little feet hit the floor in pace with mine. Nerves fill me all of a sudden as we get closer, the screaming gets louder as I walk closer to the stage and soon I find my self staring at him as he smiles happily towards the thousands of screaming fans. Lila waves towards Liam who stops dead in his tracks, staring at us.I shake my head, if Niall or anyone for that fact notices him, our plan will fail.

"Well, we have on more song for you all tonight!"Louis shouts walking down stage where a phone has hit the floor. He shakes his head and gives it to the stage man that walks out to get it. "And we want you all to sing along!" Harry says putting down his noddle pot, the fork falling on to the shiny floor. "Ready?" Liam cheers, I grab the mic off of the man next to me and breath before speaking.

"But first, I want to say hello!" I say. A eerie silence fills the whole stadium. I hear people whisper things about a ghost, Lila and I hide behind the curtain, peaking through the gap to look at the baffled looks on the boys faces. "And Me!"Lila laughs.

I lean down and whisper to her, "Go" Lila pushes past the curtain and runs on stage, arms stretched out reaching up for Niall. "DADDY!" I look at his face as he notices his pride and joy running open arm towards him, he brakes the wall of shock and picks her up bringing her close, tightly hugging her. "I missed you Daddy!" She says, his mic picking it up. The crowd fills with screams and awws. I watch for a moment while a million flashes go off in the audience, I hope everyone remembers this day.

"Forgetting me?" I laugh walking on. Once again the silence sets in, every head turns to me. Niall passes Lila to Louis who hugs her. "Never"He says running towards me, his arms wrap around my waist holding me close. I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him hard. Wanting to become one with him, not really wanting to stop. "Miss me gorgeous?" He asks.

"Of course" I whisper.

"Miss me?"

"Forever and always" I laugh as the tears leave my eyes. I really can't explain how much I missed him. "Kiss!Kiss!Kiss!" The crowd chants.I look in to his eyes, passion burns in his eyes. "Why not?" Niall leans in his lips crash onto mine, there and then I forget every thing in the world but him and Lila.

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