Blue Stars and a Baby (Sequel to That boy)

After a hard year, Cara just wants to make life easy. Is that hard? Of course it! She tries to keep herself to her self and epically fails.


13. Chapter 13

I sip my tea out of the cup, the heat burning my tongue before it slides down my throat.Lila curled up next to me and the T.V on the music channels,Lila would look at it every couple of minutes hopping Niall would appear.They had been gone a while.I mean it was February when they left to do 'Band stuff',God knows what that means.It's now April,I'm getting pretty big now,Kian is due in about a month or two,Niall phones every night to check on us.

Lila points at the T.V and there stands the boys,each smiling their familiar smile."Join in tomorrow to see are new video,You and I"I smile as they cheer in unison."Mummy,I'm going to play in my room"Lila pulls her self of the sofa and walks slowly to the door."Lila?"I ask,she turns to face me before running up the stairs."LILA-CLAIRE!" I shout.I place my cup on the coffee table and move my self off the sofa.As I approach the stairs I can hear a gentle sobbing.

A gentle knock on the door alerts me of the surprise I have for the Lila.I pull open the door and there stands Aunt El with a box on her hip."Niall sent this back with me,He misses you so much!"She smiles"Where's Lila?"

"Up stairs,she sad!"I let in El and walk up to Lilas room.I push open the door and walk in."Lila,what's wrong?"I ask perching on her bed next to her shaking body."I miss Daddy!"She cries in to her bunny rabbit.

"Well,Aunt El just arrived with a present from him!"I smile placing my hand on her shoulder.El has been on the tour with them along with Shannon.Shannon and Harry are getting pretty serious lately.

"REALLY!"Lila cheers,sitting up.I nod gently as she wipes away her tears.She runs down the stairs and I slowly follow avoiding any bits of Lego on the floor.

"Whats in the box?"I ask when I arrive back in the living room.

"Photos and a DVD"Lila tells me,each photo of one of the boys doing something weird causing Lila to smile."Lets put the DVD on,yeah?"I ask Lila turning on the player.

Naills face fills the screen and his goofy smile fills the screen."Hey baby girl,Its Daddy!I want to say hello so you don't forget me"He smiles wider and he looks as if he's going to cry"I really miss you...and I'm coming home soon to see you,Mum and Kian.I'll be there at 5:00PM and I can't wait to see your happy little face!"Naills face gets smaller as he turns the camera towards the audience who are dead silent."NOW!"Niall shouts.

"WE LOVE YOU LILA-CLAIRE!"My heart fills with joy at this moment.Lila looks at me tears in her eyes.El shows me her phone screen,Niall sits quietly watching Lila as she starts to cry and laugh."He's coming back!"She says.She sits there staring at the screen as Niall walks round with camera while they sang their parts.My heart fills with joy.


A/N Sorry for not updating sooner.I don't have an excuse for it but that I was updating my Wattpad so I'm sorry for not updating sooner.

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