Brooke, a sophomore girl who never got noticed by people in school and at home. Her parents always yelled and got her in trouble. She tried to hide her pain with long sleeves and bracelets. Her brother, Casey, a senor, was the only one who really cared about her. Her life gets worse and worse until she finds out about a band that changes her life.


1. The Song

                     >>Brooke's P.O.V.<<

                      "Dear Diary,

                             I never felt beautiful at all because of my fucking parents always treating me like shit and always giving Casey whatever he wants. All the time! It's not fair!! The only attention i get is if i get in trouble...the rest of the day, i usually spend hiding out in my shitty little room staying away from everyone. But today, after cutting, i came across a song. A song that makes me feel pretty, well, more like beautiful. i really am- "


    "Sis? You okay in there?" You hear your brother's voice come through your bedroom door.  You quickly pull your sleeves down and get up off your bed to go open the door. 

    "Yeah!  I'm fine!  Just finishing up some homework," you say leaning on your doorway.  You can feel the warm familiar feeling of liquid dripping down your hand.  You move your hand inside your sleeve.  "Casey, don't worry, i'm not cutting again.  I already told you, after you caught me, i wouldn't anymore."  When you look up at Casey, you can tell he's still worrying.  "Promise, Casey. I need to get back to finishing my homework.  But thanks for checking up on me?"

    "Okay. . ."he says walking away as you close the door.  You walk to your bathroom, which is connected to your room and no one else's, which you love.  When you go in, you lock the door, then walk to the sink.  You pull your sleeve up and see blood covering your wrist and hand.  Turning the  water on, you throw your wrist under the faucet.  You wince at the pain, which you still haven't gotten use to.  You see the water going in the cuts and blood dripping into the sink and down the drain.  

    After you clean your wrist and put a band aid on in, you go and lay on your bed.  You reach for your phone and turn the music on.  Most of the music you have is goth or screamo, except one.  You go through your music trying to find that one.  You finally find it and click on it.  As the song starts, you listen to the words the guy is singing,". . .You're insecure, don't know what for, you're turning heads when you walk through the do-oh-or, don't need make-up to cover up. . ." Your eyes start to tear up.  You don't realize a song would hit you so hard.  You feel a tear roll down your face so you wipe it away with your sleeve.  As you listen to the chorus, you start to cry softly and realize that he could be right.  You decide, just because of this song, this band, you would try and stop cutting.

    All day you listen to the song just to keep you in a good mood for one in your life and to keep you distracted from cutting.

    At dinner, you are actually happy.  Your dad keeps looking at you funny from across the table.  "What's wrong with you, bitch?" your dad says, taking a swig out of his beer,"You're not your normal depressed self."

    "I don't know. . ." you say pushing your peas around on your plate getting uncomfortable,"I just had a good day, that's all."  Your dad slams his beer down on the table, scoots his chair out, and stands up.  Your brother glances up at your dad,"Dad, calm down, no need to fight.  Can't she just have a good day without you ruining it?"

    "Casey! Shut the fuck up!  You aren't in this!" your dad says walking over to you.  He stands beside you, brings his hand up, as you feel your cheek go numb.  "Speak up when I talk to you bitch!!  Got it!?"  You start to tear up as you get up from the table.  Casey sighs and says,"Dad!  You smack her even when she's in a good mood?  God!  Control yourself!"  He gets up from the table and goes to your room.  You can hear his feet on the wood floor coming into your room.  "You okay?  How bad did he hurt you, Brooke?" Casey asks.

    "When have you cared?  Mom and dad love you," you say facing away from him looking through your music trying to find your song.  :Well, I realized, you don't ever do your homework.  Like ever!  And you were happy when we were at dinner.  What happened today?  You are never this happy." 

    "You are going to think it's dumb and stupid."  He comes around your bed and sits by you,"No, I won't, I promise."

    "Okay, fine," you say sitting up next to Casey,"I found this song that makes me really happy.  It makes me feel. . . beautiful actually.  I just feel different listening to it, you know.  I tear up over it.  It probably sounds so stupid to you, but it helps me," you say getting up.  "No, I don't think that's stupid.  If it helps you get back into a normal life, I won't think it's dumb, Brooke.  I'm glad you have something to be happy about," Casey says looking at your red cheek,"Show me the song that makes you happy, Brooke."  You sit down next to him, pick your phone up, and play the song.  You try not to cry as you listen.  You hear feet outside your bedroom as the song is finishing.  "Casey, you might want to leave before dad comes.  I don't want you to get in trouble because you are with me."  Your brother gets up and starts to leave,"and by the way, I like your song." A few seconds later, your dad comes in with a beer in his hands,"Go to bed,"he says bluntly, and leaves.  Right after your dad leaves, you get up and throw your pajamas on and curl in a ball under your covers.  You plug in your headphones and play your song.  The one good thing in your life. The one thing that makes you feel normal.  That makes you feel important for three minutes and seventeen seconds.  You fall asleep with warm tears going down your cheeks and What Makes You Beautiful Playing in your head.








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