Brooke, a sophomore girl who never got noticed by people in school and at home. Her parents always yelled and got her in trouble. She tried to hide her pain with long sleeves and bracelets. Her brother, Casey, a senor, was the only one who really cared about her. Her life gets worse and worse until she finds out about a band that changes her life.


8. Road-trip! :)

   >>Casey's P.O.V.<<

    You and Brooke start heading down the highway.  "Why don't you sleep until we reach the state-line and then I will wake you if there is anything interesting to see," you say to Brooke.  She leans her head on the window and closes her eyes,"Okay, only for a little bit. . ."  She dozes off after a minute or so.  You turn on the radio looking for any good music.  All that is playing is rap and country.  You look at the clock.  It's 11:50.  

    You decide to plug in your iPod.  You put on Little Bitty Pretty One and concentrate on getting to the hotel by six in the morning.

    When you were about ten minutes from the state-line, you hear Brooke moan and start to talk in her sleep.  You hear her saying no and breathing heavy.  "Brooke.  Brooke!  Wake up," you say trying to wake her from a nightmare.  You finally tap her and she jumps and looks at you.  "Brooke, you had a nightmare."

    "No, it wasn't a nightmare, Casey, it was real!  It happened!" she says with tears starting to fall down her face.  

    "Well, it's over now.  Whatever happened, just forget about it.  Let's have fun on this trip, okay?" you say trying to cheer her up.  

    "Okay," she says wiping her face off,"what kind of crap are you listening to?"

    "Hey!  The '50's was a great time!" you say defensively.  "Whatever weirdo," Brooke says smiling,"Where are we anyway?"

    "Hitting the state-line in a few minutes."

    "What?  Where are we going?  Tell me!"

    "Fine.  California," you say.  "Why?  Just to get away?" Brooke asks. "Okay. . . you are so weird Casey, but I love you for that," Brooke says smiling.  

    When you look at the clock again, it is 5:50 am.  Almost to the hotel.  "There is nothing in this state.  A house every 10 miles.  Desert, desert, desert,"Brooke says staring out the window.  

    "Well, calm down, we are almost to the hotel.  I got to rest before driving all the way to Cali," you say knowing she doesn't want to stop if she knows there will be a beach.  You know she is excited about the beach because you know mom and dad never took here there.  They took you when you were two before Brooke was born.  Everything was different  before mom and dad drank or were mean.  They got you everything and you guys were a family, unlike now.  Both mom and dad hated having Brooke.  You never knew why.  She was more perfect than you were.  She used to try and make good grades and she tried to make everyone happy, even mom and dad.  You hate the fact that your parents treat Brooke so awful.  You love having a sister.  Most people ask you why and you always answer with the same answer.  You love her and always will.  This trip will change everything for her.  

    You can't stand your parents criticism anymore.  Your new plan: never going back home again.




    You both pile back into the car after your night stay at the hotel.  You are wide awake now and ready to drive again.  You have shorts and a Tee on because you know once you get to California, it will be hot , or well at least warm.  You see Brooke in sweatpants and a t-shirt..  You know she's going to be hot later on.  You start to drive.  Only 5 hours till you reach L.A.  You and Brooke talk about the weird guy at the pool last night and the couple in the room next to you guys who couldn't stop hitting the wall with their bed all night long.  You laugh and play games.  By the time you guys are done with games and jamming out, you are a couple miles from the beach.  You roll the windows down.  You can smell the ocean as you drive. 

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