Brooke, a sophomore girl who never got noticed by people in school and at home. Her parents always yelled and got her in trouble. She tried to hide her pain with long sleeves and bracelets. Her brother, Casey, a senor, was the only one who really cared about her. Her life gets worse and worse until she finds out about a band that changes her life.


15. Kidnapping

>>Brooke's P.O.V<<

    As you wait in the back, you meet Danielle, Eleanor, and Perrie.  They are so beautiful! 

    "You must be pretty special.  Harry doesn't usually let birds back here," Danielle says to me.

    "Oh, I am not that special.  We just met at the beach a few weeks ago. He kind of saved my life," you say.

    "Oh my god!  You're Brooke?  Harry told us about you!  He told us the story!" they both say excitingly,"He talked highly of you."

    You try right to blush so you look down at the floor.  You smile at the ground.  He really did like you. You see your brother talking to the bodyguard, Paul.  

    You give your side of the story to the girls as you wait.  Every couple sentences, they would awe or ooo!  You just laughed at them.  You guys can hear the guys answering questions from the fans and the fans screaming.  

    "How do they not go deaf?" you ask.

    "I really don't know.  My babe thought he lost his hearing in one ear, but he's good!" Eleanor says cheerfully.  I smile at her.

    "Hey, I'll be back.  Where's the restroom?"

    "Down the hall and the first door on the left.  Should we go with you?" Perrie says, laughing.

    "No, I got it, but thanks!"  You tell Casey where you are going and head down the hall to the bathroom.  You're about to push the door open, when you feel something go over your mouth.  You smell alcohol.  Your eyes start to roll back.  You feel a hand over your mouth and a hand gripping your arm.  You are starting to see black then all the lights went out.  


    >>Harry's P.O.V<<

    You and the lads finally get done answering questions.  You fell like it took forever.  You wave to the fans and head to the back room.  When you get there, you see Dani, El, Perrie and Casey, but no Brooke.  You walk over to the girls.

    "Where's Brooke?"

    "She's in the bathroom.  She's be back.  Don't worry, Haz," El saying patting your shoulder.  

    Lou walks over to El and kisses her and then holds her hand.  Dani runs over to Liam and wraps her arms around his neck and kisses him.  Zayn and Perrie start snogging in the middle of everyone. 

    "Get a room, love birds," Niall says eating the rest of his Nando's.  He never has enough of Nando's.  You try and take a wing and Niall smacking your hand," MINE!!!! Get your own!!!"

     "Geez. . . fine. . .," you say going over to the wall.  You lean on the wall with Paul and Casey.  You guys start talking about how crazy it was today.  After about 15 minutes, you notice Brooke still isn't back.  You start to get worried.  You walk over to Perrie and Zayn.

    "Perrie, can you go look in the toilet for Brooke?  She's not back yet."

    "Yeah, sure!"  She kisses Zayn one last time then goes down the hall. to the bathrooms.  

    Not even five minutes later, she comes back.  With no Brooke.  She's not smiling like she always is.  Before she comes over to you and Zayn, she stops by El and whispers in her ear.  El's eyes get big and looks down into Perrie's hand.  She has Brooke's sunglasses.  You start breathing heavy.  Her and El walk over to you.  

    "Um, Harry, Brooke wasn't in the bathroom, but her sunglasses were on the floor in the hallway.  She might have gone outside to take a phone call.  El is gonna go check." 

    You see El walk out of the room and outside.  She comes in a few seconds later and shakes her head.  Casey walks over to you guys.

    "What's going on?  Where's Brooke?"

    "Casey, we don't know," you say with tears in your eyes.

    "How do you not know!  She can't just disappear!  She has to be here!"

    That got everyone's attention.  Niall, Liam, and Lou come over to you guys.  El explains to everyone that Brooke wasn't in the bathroom or outside and that we need to look around the whole place.  Everyone nods and goes in separate directions.

    "Meet back here when you get done!" El yells from beside Louis. 

    You and Niall went into the big room where the signing was held.  You look through everything.  You head back to the room to wait after you get done.  You see Liam coming back with Dani, but no Brooke.  Then you see Zayn and Perrie coming down the hall.  No Brooke.  You know she has to be with Lou and El.  As you look up, you see Lou and El coming holding hands.  With.  No.  Brooke!  

    "I'm sorry, mate.  We didn't fine her," Louis says patting your back," We will find her." 

    You put your head into Louis' shoulder and cry.  You have never cried in front of everyone.  You can't help it.  You love Brooke.  She can't just be gone.  

    "Let's get in the van before fans realize we are still here," Paul says,"I'll call the police when we get back to the hotel."

    You nod and Louis helps you up.  El comes over and rubs your back.  You look over at Casey and he's on the floor by the wall crying.  

    "Hey, someone go over to him," you whisper.  Dani and Niall go over to him and are whispering to him.  They start to help him up too.  

    "We are go in his car with him.  Lead him back to the hotel," Niall says walking the opposite direction with Dani and Casey.  Dani blows a kiss to Liam and keeps walking.  You nod.  

    You get in the back of the van and lean your head on the window.  You see the other boys and girls pile in the van.  Paul starts driving to the hotel.  You see fans start running after the van with signs and taking pictures.  You don't even try to smile.  After a while, there isn't anymore fans.  You guys pull up to the hotel and you see Casey, Niall, and Dani are already there in the room.  You walk in and flop on the bed and cry. 

    "We will find her, Hazza.  I promise," Louis says.       


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