Brooke, a sophomore girl who never got noticed by people in school and at home. Her parents always yelled and got her in trouble. She tried to hide her pain with long sleeves and bracelets. Her brother, Casey, a senor, was the only one who really cared about her. Her life gets worse and worse until she finds out about a band that changes her life.


13. Help

    >>Phil's P.O.V (Brooke's dad)<<

    Brooke and Casey have been missing for almost two weeks now.  I am not that worried, but my wife is.  I'm glad that bitch is gone.  Casey I do miss.  I love Casey so much.  He's such a good kid.  He must get it from me.  You have no idea where they could be.  You thought about calling the cops, but they aren't that important to you.  You never wanted them in the first place.  

    You walk downstairs and see your wife crying on the couch.  You walk over to her and put your hand on her back.  She jumps a little and turns her head.  You rub her back.

    "It's okay, hon.  We will find them," you tell her.

    "I thought the police were going to get back to us. . ." she says shaky.  You had told her about a week ago you had called the cops just to make things easier for her.  "Maybe they got busy.  I'll call again to see."  

    "You never called, did you?" she asks, crying.

    "Yes, of course I did.  I want them back just as much as you.  Why would you think that."

    "They would be here by now!  You lied!  You don't want them back!" she shouts in your face.  

    You grab her by the arm and say,"Okay, I didn't call.  Because I thought they would come back on their own.  I will call now."

    You decide to call just to make her happy.  After, you go upstairs and pass Casey's room.  You go in and look around.  His room is always so messy.  Clothes on the floor, bed never made,  Dirty socks in one corner.  On his desk, under a few shirts, you see a paper with California at the top.  You grab it and read it: "Directions to The Hollywood Wall of Fame", Hotel reservations, and beaches around L.A.  They are in California.  You have a couple friends there.  You have a plan to find them.  A plan to ruin their lives forever: Kill them.  


    -You- Hey pal!  I know we haven't talked in a while, well since you have gotten out of jail. I have a job for you.

    -Randy- Hey! Sure, what do you want me to do?

    -You- I want you to track down Brooke, well and Casey, and kill them.  They are in L.A.

    -Randy- Okay, never liked them anyway.  This won't be hard.

    Finally, you don't have to deal with them anymore. 

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