Brooke, a sophomore girl who never got noticed by people in school and at home. Her parents always yelled and got her in trouble. She tried to hide her pain with long sleeves and bracelets. Her brother, Casey, a senor, was the only one who really cared about her. Her life gets worse and worse until she finds out about a band that changes her life.


16. Darkness

    >>Brooke's P.O.V<<

    You wake up cold on a hard floor.  You see a faint light across the room.  Other than that, it is pitch black.  You try and get up, you realize your feet and hands are tied.  You look around the room and see that there is only a wood chair to your left and the door is closed.  You move your hands around trying to free them from the rope.  You finally break your hands free.  

    "Oh, I don't think so!" a voice says from the dark corner of the room.

    You jump from the sound.  You didn't know anyone was in the room with you.  You see a man walk out from the dark.  He walks towards you quickly and grabs you by the arm.  You wince because he grabs too hard.  He pulls you up and throws you on the chair.  You try to get away from his grip, but he's too strong.  You can smell alcohol on his breath.  He ties your hands back behind the chair.

    "Who are you?  What do you want?" you ask struggling to break free.

    "Oh, that doesn't matter," he says stroking your cheek," All you need to know is that you won't be making it out of here alive."

    You start to panic in your head.  He comes around the chair and stands in front of you.  His face is gruff looking.  Scratchy beard,  uncut hair, evil eyes.  He kinda reminds you of your dad.  You are trying not to cry or show emotion.  He puts his hand on your thigh and bends down in front of you.  

    "Wow, you are exactly how he said.  You look so sweet and innocent," He says.  He moves his hand up your thigh.  You jerk away.  He slaps you across your face.  You feel blood in your mouth.  You still try and jerk.  He punches you.  You see the lights go out.  




    You start to wake up.  You try to move.  You cant.  You look around and see your skinny jeans are on the floor, your shirt is at your feet, and your shoes you can't find.  You're still in a chair.  You move your hands to see if they are tied.  They aren't, and neither are your feet.  You try and move again.  It's so painful.  You finally get to the floor.  You grab your shirt and put it on.  You look around to see if the guy is still in the room.  He's not, but you do see your phone up on the table across the room.  You have to get to it, but your head is throbbing like the rest of your body.  After what feels like forever, you finally get over to the table.  You reach up and grab your phone.  You don't know who to call first.  Harry?  Casey?  Now that you think about it, you don't know Harry's number.  You dial Casey's number.  It rings. 


>>Casey's P.O.V<<

    You and the other boys have been driving around looking for your sister.  You guys have looked all over town.  You are walking into the hotel where Harry is when your phone starting ringing from your pocket.  Harry looks up at you from the edge of the bed.  You grab it and look at the screen: Sis(:.  You answer it.

    "Brooke!  Where are you!?  You okay?!"

    You look at Harry and his eyes are wide as he runs over to you.He has tears in his eyes.

    "I think I am okay... My body is sore and my head is pounding..." she says whispering.  

    "Do you know where you are?" you ask.  

    "N-no... A dark room with a table and a chair.  There was a guy in here earlier and he smelled of beer and kind of reminded me of dad."

    Of course, you think, your dad had to be in this.  "Call the police.  They can trace your call, okay?  Are you drugged or hung over?"

    "Neither.  Casey?  I think he...he...raped me...." You go quiet.  You can't help the tears roll down your face.  Harry looks at you concerned.  You feel like you can't say anything," Please don't tell anyone?  Okay?  Not even Harry."

     "Okay..." you say quietly this time. 

    "I think he's coming back!  I gotta go!"

    "By-" is all you get before the line goes dead.  You take the phone from your ear. and just look at it. 

    "Well?" Harry says concerned. 

    "She's okay," is all you can manage to say.

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