Brooke, a sophomore girl who never got noticed by people in school and at home. Her parents always yelled and got her in trouble. She tried to hide her pain with long sleeves and bracelets. Her brother, Casey, a senor, was the only one who really cared about her. Her life gets worse and worse until she finds out about a band that changes her life.


14. CD Signing

    >>Brooke's P.O.V.<<

    You wake up to your brother saying,"Sis!  Get up!  Aren't you excited?"  You roll over and see him standing right next to the bed.

    "For. . .?" you ask kind of confused.  He holds up the CD.  You had totally forgot about the CD signing!  You sit up and grab the CD out of his hands,"Oh my god!  I forgot!  Is that really today?"

    "Yup, how do you forget about this!"  It sounded like Casey was more excited than you are.  

    "Okay, calm down, Casey.  What time is it?"

    "Well, to get a good spot in line, we gotta leave now,"he says heading out of the room.

    "Oh!  Okay!" you say getting up and throwing on some black skinny jeans and a white v-neck shirt. You and Casey head out the down and into the truck.  You guys head down the highway to where ever the heck it is.  

    Once you get there, there is already like twenty people in line in front of the door.  You grab your CD and walk with Casey to the line.  You sit on the ground and plug in your music.  Casey had told you that it starts at 2pm.  You feel like you have been waiting for hours, which you really have.  You open your eyes and see the line is going all the way around the building.  You notice that most everyone is girls.  Thank you, Casey, you think to yourself.  You look at the clock on your phone.  1:46.  Almost time.  You and Casey talk until it's time to go in.

    "Okay, it's open," a man calls from the door.  You walk in with everyone else and follow.  

    Once you get to the main room, you see a banner over a table, but you can't see the guys sitting there.  You are too far away.  As the line moves closer, you are getting anxious.  You can't hear anything because of girls screaming all around you.  You think you will be deaf by the end of this.  

    You are the third person in line on.  You can see a blonde sitting in the middle, Niall, on his right is a guy with a quiff, Zayn, and on his right, a guy with brown hair swooped over, Louis, who is closest to you.  You can't see the other two.  

    Once you are in front of Louis he says,"Hello, love.  What's your name?"



    >>Louis' P.O.V<<

    You look up to a green-eyed, brown-haired girl who was around 16.  She barely has make- up on, but she doesn't need it.  She hands you her CD.  You take.  Brooke, she had said.  

    "How is your day, love?" you ask, as you write your signature on her CD.

    "Good, thanks.  And yours?"

    "Great, babe!  A little crazy, but you know," you say smiling up at her.  She laughs.  As she walks down the line to Zayn.  You decide to text Harry.

    -You- Haz!  Hot alert coming your way soon!  Brown Hair, green eyes!

    -Harry- Oo!!! :) But Lou, there is a lot of brown- haired, green- eyed girls.

    -You- You won't miss her Haz! :) I don't who gets her.  

    -Harry- I think we'll fight over her if she is as hot as you say :) Hey!  Wait.  You have Eleanor! 

    -You- True. . .I'll take El any day :)

    You finally put your phone away and go back signing CD's saying hello to everyone.


    >>Brooke's P.O.V<<

    You think to yourself that Louis was really nice and kind of hot.  He had a few tattoos on his arm.  Now you are getting your CD signed by Zayn.  He's kind of shy, but has a nice smile.  He has a whole sleeve of tattoos on his right arm.  You think that maybe since you are someone he doesn't know, he is shy, but is crazy with the boys.  

    You move down the line to the blonde one, Niall.  When he smiles at you, his teeth are perfect, like he had gotten braces off not too long ago.  His eyes are blue!  Crazy blue.  He is left handed, like you.  He's very bubbly and fun.  He says bye, but it's not with a British accent.  It's an. . .Irish accent?  

    Next is a browned- haired, brown- eyed, tall guy.  Liam?  

    "Hello,  name?" he says.  His voice was very soothing,"Brooke."

    "Lovely name, Brooke."

    "Thanks," you say grabbing the CD from his hand and walking to the next guy. 

    You don't look up at first.  You hand the CD to him,"Thanks, love."  His voice sounds familiar.  Really familiar.  You look up.  Oh my god. 


    >>Harry's P.O.V<<

    It was Brooke.  You hear Louis whispering, leaning behind the boys,"That's her!!  That's her!!"  Louis was talking about Brooke this whole time!  Oh my god!  

    "Brooke?" you ask.

    She looks up and then her eyes widen,"Harry?"

    You can't believe it!  She's here!  She is a fan of yours!  But. . . she didn't act like it on the beach. . .Oh well!  She looks at you smiling,"I didn't know you'd be here."

    "Yeah. . .well I kind of have to be here. . .I am in One Direction," you say chuckling. 

    "Oh, I didn't know.  Now I feel stupid."

    "Oh you aren't stupid, Brooke," you say signing her CD and putting a heart by your signature.  You sign it.  You lean over to Paul, your security guard, and ask him to pull you aside.  He nods.  "Paul here is gonna pull you aside, okay?  I want to talk to you after the signing.  Just wait in the back.  Eleanor, Louis' bird, and Perrie, Zayn's bird are back there.  You can meet them"

    "Oh. . .Okay." you see her look at the guy behind her, which you can remember is her brother. 

    "Oh, he can come too.  Don't worry, love."  You smile and keep signing CD's as she walks away from you.  You can't help but notice her perfectly straight brown hair half way down her back.  She is wearing black skinny jeans and a white v-neck.  You smile, she's wearing an outfit of mine.  

    After the signing is over, you and the boys answer questions that the fans have.  You answer some yourself, but you can't get Brooke off your mind.  You just want it to be over and go see Brooke.               


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