Brooke, a sophomore girl who never got noticed by people in school and at home. Her parents always yelled and got her in trouble. She tried to hide her pain with long sleeves and bracelets. Her brother, Casey, a senor, was the only one who really cared about her. Her life gets worse and worse until she finds out about a band that changes her life.


12. California. . .A Whole New Life

    >>Brooke's P.O.V.<<

    When you and Casey leave the beach, you can't stop thinking about Harry.  Her was perfection.  You didn't realize until now that he looked kind of familiar.  Not like you have met him before, but maybe you had seen a picture or something of him.  You can't place where you have seen his face.  Maybe he was in a family photo back home.  You try to think, but give up after like ten minutes.  You just decide to look out the window and take the sites all in.  The ocean was beautiful, just crashing on the beach and carrying people back and forth.  

    "Are you okay?" you hear Casey ask.

    "Yeah, I'm fine.  I was scared, but Harry saved me.  If he hadn't, I would be out there.  Floating around.  Dead."

    "I'm just glad you are safe now.  You really had me worried there for a little bit,"  Casey says kind of smirking.  

    "Ha, sorry.  Won't happen again.  So, where are we going now?" you ask.

    "The hotel to rest.  Tonight we are gonna walk around Hollywood!  Woo!" he says laughing.  

    "Oh?  Sounds fun.  Thanks again, Casey.  I really do love you as my brother."

    You and Casey sleep for a few hours and then get showered and dressed for Hollywood.  You hop in the car and drive a few miles.  Casey parked the car and you two get out and just walk.  




   You realize by the second week here, Casey has no plans for going back home.  He moves us into a rent house over looking the beach.  It's small.  Only a two bedroom and one bathroom.  You enjoy staying  here with him.  He doesn't really boss you around or anything.  He just let's you do as you please as long as you check in or tell him where you are going.  He bought you a phone and a few iTunes cards.  You still haven't understood how Casey could have gotten all of this money.  You know his job doesn't pay this well, but you haven't questioned him.  

    "Wow, it's so different than what I expected!" you say reaching a street where all the stars are on the sidewalk.  You read a few of the names: Kevin Bacon, Backstreet Boys, Lucille Ball, etc.  The Hollywood Walk Of Fame, a sign reads as you pass by.  

    After about ten, you guys get in the car and head back home.  Wow, home.  this new place.  New school.  New people, who don't know who I are or what I came from.  No one can judge you from your past.  I can start brand new here,  you think as you stick your head out the window and smile.  Smiling the biggest you have ever smiled, you let everything go and just breath.  

    California is my home now!!! you think.    


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