Brooke, a sophomore girl who never got noticed by people in school and at home. Her parents always yelled and got her in trouble. She tried to hide her pain with long sleeves and bracelets. Her brother, Casey, a senor, was the only one who really cared about her. Her life gets worse and worse until she finds out about a band that changes her life.


11. Beautiful

    >>Harry's P.O.V.<< 

    Leaving the beach, all you can think about is Brooke.  Her beautiful beach waved, brown hair.  Her green eyes that seemed to match yours perfectly.  The way she seemed shy, but you knew she is really a rebel down inside.  Brooke, what a beautiful name.  A beautiful name for a beautiful bird, you think getting in your silver Audi.  You pull out your phone and decide to tell your best mate about Brooke.


    -You- OMG babe!  Guess what just happened!?

    -Boobear<3- What babe!  Did you have another one night stand?

    -You- No, I think I found the bird I've been looking for my whole life!  Those other birds I've dated or even just had one night stands don't matter anymore!

    -Boobear<3- Really?  Is she old like Caroline? 

    -You- No, well, I don't know. . . Erm. . . I didn't really ask. . .

    -Boobear<3- What's she like?  How did you guys meet?  Where?  I need all the details!

    You tell Louis about how you saved her from drowning, while you were surfing.  You tell him how you kissed her and then just walked away.  You explain to him what she looks like and how she was different than any other girl you had dated.  She actually didn't know who you were.  She acted like she had never ever heard of you.  You kind of liked that.  Everyone knows who you are.  You are Harry Styles.  The Harry Edward Styles from One Direction that every girl in world would die to meet.  Well, except Brooke.  She wasn't a crazy fan who screamed when they saw you, or even those normal fans that just walked up to you and asked for an autograph.  You like her, a lot.  She is perfect in every way.  

    -Boobear<3- How could you just walk away from her if you think she's what you have been looking for?

    You hadn't really thought about it.  You just did what you thought was right.  

    -You- I don't know. . . I didn't really think about it.  

     As you send the last text, you realize it's too late now because you can see her and her brother walking to their truck across the lot. 

    Brooke, the most beautiful thing you had ever seen, you think looking over your shoulder one more time before heading home.      


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