Brooke, a sophomore girl who never got noticed by people in school and at home. Her parents always yelled and got her in trouble. She tried to hide her pain with long sleeves and bracelets. Her brother, Casey, a senor, was the only one who really cared about her. Her life gets worse and worse until she finds out about a band that changes her life.


9. Beach Day

    >>Casey's P.O.V.<<

    "Do you hear that?" you ask.

    "Yes, I can hear the waves!" Brooke says excitedly.  You pull in a parking place facing the beach and a blue ocean.  

    "Wow, it's so beautiful!  Let's go!" Brooke says jumping out of the car,"Now I see why I needed my swimsuit."

    "And don't worry, I got towels and sunscreen," you say taking the keys out of the ignition,"There is a bathroom/ changing room over there where you can put your suit on."


    >>Brooke's P.O.V.<<

    You grab your swimsuit  and some shorts and go to the bathroom to change.  You throw your purple bikini on and your denim shorts on top.  You look at yourself in the mirror.  You see the bruises your dad has left on your arms and stomach.  You have scratches on your back.  You rub your hand over a bruise.  You decide to forget about them today while you're at the beach.  You put your flip-flops on and walk outside to the bright sun hitting your skin.  You look around for Casey and find him half down the beach.  He's setting up towels on the warm sand and taking his shirt off.  You walk up and grab the sunscreen.  You put a lot on because you know you will get burned easy because of your pale skin.  

    "Hey, don't forget to put sunscreen on before you go out, Casey," you say tossing the bottle toward his feet," I am gonna go ahead and go out."

    "Don't go too far because you could get caught out in the big waves.  It will pull you out farther than you think.  Stay where you can touch, okay?" Casey says putting sunscreen on his arms.  

    "Okay, I got it.  Don't worry, you will come out in a bit, right?" you ask squinting at him because of the sun.  

    "Mo, I am gonna stay on the beach all day," Casey says sarcastically laughing.  You playfully hit his arm as you walk out to the crashing white caped waves.  

    Once you hit the water, it is cold against your body.  As you get deeper, the water gets in your mouth.  You taste a lot of salt going down your throat.  Casey never told you how much salt was in the ocean.  You knew there was salt, but not this much!  You are too distracted by salt in your mouth and eyes that you don't realize that you aren't touching the ground anymore.  You start to kick and swim back to the shallow area.  You feel a wave start to pull you out then you feel it your back and goes under you.  The sting of the water on your scratches makes you cringe.  You come up  above the water for a split second before another big wave knocks you under again.  You get, what feels like, a ton of water in your mouth.  You come up and try and breath, but you get tossed under another wave.  You feel like you can't catch a breath.  You have been trying to paddle and you think you get closer to the beach, but the waves keep pulling you back into the same spot.  The closest person to you is about 20- 30 feet away.  You try to yell for help, but your throat is sore and scratchy from the salt.

    "Help! I can't-" you try saying before a wave crashes against you and swallows you.  You feel like it's been hours, been in reality, it's only been like 20 minutes.  You can't breath.  You can't kick your legs anymore because you have been kicking so hard.  Your arms are weak.  The waves keep pulling you.  You are starting to freak out.  You feel like you can't do anything else.  You feel helpless.  You think, This is the way im gonna die. . . it's better than going home.  You're about to give up  when you feel an arm wrap around your waist.  You are trying to see who it is, but your eyes keep closing.  You hear a vague voice close.  "Com'n, stay awake!  You have to kick, love.  Please, you got to help me, love," you hear before you close your eyes and everything goes black.


    >>Casey's P.O.V.<<

    You haven't gotten to the water yet because a couple guys asked you if you wanted to play volleyball.  You serve the ball when you here people talking and walking.

    "Oh my god!  Is she okay?"

    "Is she by herself here?"

    "She's not breathing!"

    "What happened?"

    You look over your shoulder and see a mob of people circled around something.  You start to walk over to the group.  You try to see if Brooke is over here.  You look around, but you don't see her.  You try and push through the crowd.  You finally got to the front of the group and you see a guy dripping wet leaning over a body.

    "Wake up, com'n, love," you hear the guy say while doing CPR on. . . on. . . Brooke!  You run over to the guy leaning on your sister who is passed out on the sand.  She is wet and her eyes closed.  The guy looks up at you with emerald eyes as you lean down next to Brooke.  His dripping wet brown curls hang over his worried face.  

    "Who are you, mate?  Do you know who this bird is?" the guy asks breathing heavily.  "Yes, that is my sister.  Is she okay?" you ask kind of scared.

    "I think she will be okay.  I was surfing and I saw her struggling to swim.  She got caught out in the big waves so i hopped off my board and grabber her right before she passed out," he says giving her mouth to mouth.  She coughed up water and coughed again. 

    "Oh, there she is!" the guy says with a heavy British accent.



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