Here For London

Anna and Faith have worked in the British Secret Service since they were 15. Now, they are 18, and the top agents it the agency. But then, a new boy, by the name of Thomas, comes. Anna, Faith, and Thomas are forced to work on the field together. But what happens when a friend of the agency unexpectedly betrays them? Read Here for London to find out!


4. The New Kid (part 2)

Faith's POV

We got downstairs, and immediatly noticed that we were the last to arrive. I take alot of time to make myself look nice for Harrison. Oh well. I only noticed the new kid when he came and sat with us. He seemed nice enough.

Thomas's POV

Man, I hate being the new kid. Oh well. Major Drake told me to look for a group of four, 2 boys, 2 girls. One of the girls was light skinned and had long, brown hair. Her name was Anna. The other girl wasw african american, and had short, brown/black hair. Hername was Faith. One of the boys was tall, and had curly, brown hair. His name was Phillip. The other boy was taller, and had straight, brown hair. His name was Harrison. Well, it wasn't too diffucult to find them...

Faith's POV

He sat down and told us that his name was Thomas. He was the new gadget master, and Major Drake had sent him here to be in our group. That little shrimp was an eleite? That's pretty messed up. Anyways, he had brown hair, green eyes, and he was fairly tall, about as tall as me. What? I'm tall for my age. Anyways, I needed to do the test.

"I'm gonna give him.. THE TEST. So Thomas, this is a basic test for this group only. no studying needed. just common sense, which im guessing you have. so, what were you before the agency? Anna, write this down."

"I was a college student in America."

"That explains the accent. ok, next question. what do you do in free time?"

"I used to play truth or are with my old friends, or I read."

"GREAT! we were planning on planning on playing truth or dare with the rest of our group together. The other girl is out sick today. which is weird, because she is a doctor. The other doctor should be here soon,  she's always slow. We don't really like her very much. Ok, are you fun to hang around with?"


"You pass! Oh, here comes Gia. She's the other annoying doctor."

Gia's POV

I was finally done. I ran down the stairs, leaving Celia to moan to herself. honestly, shouldn't that girl have an antidote? I don't know what it is, i'm being trained by Celia. I got to the mess hall, and got some eggs and bacon, and sat down next to Harrison. Faith was on the other side of him. Anna was next to Faith. Phillip was next to Anna. Some person who I didn't know was next to Phillip. Then there was the empty space for Celia.

"Who are you?" I asked to mystery boy.

"I'm Thomas, you're new gadget master.

"Oh, ok"



Hey guys Anna here. I'm gonna add another charecter! His name is Joe, and he is the main gadged master, and thomas is the appretice. He's 20, and very funny. he is also part of the group.



Anna's POV

We were getting ready to play truth or dare, and we decided to change out of our uniforms. I changed into my favorite Stones shirt, and a black blazer, black skinny jeans, and red high tops. Faith changed into her One Direction shirt, a pair of blue skinny jeans, and her white sandals. I finally got up the courage to put myglasses in my bag. I guess they went well with the outfit. They were those huge black nerd glasses. we were ready.

"WAIT! I can't forget my phone!" I yelled. I grabbed my phone. It had the coolist cover! Faith got a t-shirt at the one direction concert, but i got a take me home phone cover.

We got to Phillip and Harrison's room, and waited for the others. We heard a knock on the door, and in came Thomas and Joe. Next came Gia and...Celia?

"Celia? You're better!" I squealed at her.

"Yup.Finally found the right shot!"

"lets get started." said Phillip."Okay, Thomas. Truth Or Dare?"


"I dare you to kiss Celia!"

and then they accually did it!

"Okay, Anna, truth or Dare?" asked Thomas.


"What's the most embarrassing thing you own?"

I bit my lip and pulled my glasses out of my bag."my glasses."

"YOU HAVE GLASSES!" said a surprised Phillip.

"yup. I'm practicly blind without them. They're really nerdy. wanna see?"

everyone nodded, so I slipped them on.

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