Here For London

Anna and Faith have worked in the British Secret Service since they were 15. Now, they are 18, and the top agents it the agency. But then, a new boy, by the name of Thomas, comes. Anna, Faith, and Thomas are forced to work on the field together. But what happens when a friend of the agency unexpectedly betrays them? Read Here for London to find out!


3. The New Kid (part 1)

Anna's POV-

"WAKE UP!!!" I heard someone yell. I groggily sat up, until I see it's just my roommate, Faith.

"no." I state, quite tiredly. Suddenly, my pillow is pulled from under me, and Faith starts hitting me with it."OH IT'S ON!!!" I scream at Faith. I grab my uniform blazer and slap her in the face with it. We do stuff like this every morning. We have been friends ever since we came to the agency. My parents were murdered by Russians, because they were both secret agents. I learned to defend myself for a year before the agency found me and took me to base. I don't know how Faith got here. She got here a month after me, and I trained her until she was at the same level as me. While I was hitting Faith, I forgot I didn't have my glasses on and ran straight into my bed post."Oww, do you know where my glasses are?"

"Here you go, Anna." and she slipped my incredibly nerdy glasses onto my nose. I kinda liked them, but only Faith knows about them.

"Well, I'm gonna go take a shower, Faith." I said. I took a short shower, and put on the training uniform, a dark green shirt, black pants, and a pair of Nike Free 5.0's. I slipped my glasses back on, and walked out the rom to see Faith texting her boyfriend. I creep over there without her noticing, and..."BGHYJHDRFFHGHG!!!" I scream in her ear.

"AAHHHH!! Why did you do that?"

"Because you didn't notice me!" I was laughing my face off!

"Fine i'll go take a shower." she said. Suddenly, my phone beeped. I ran over there, and saw that it was my boyfriend, Phillip. we started texting eachother:

PhillipC-Vas Happenin'?

AnnaR-waiting for Faith to be done so i can come down to the mess hall and see you!

PhillipC- Thanks! do you want me to come up and keep you company?

AnnaR-sure! c u soon!

I then realized I still had my glasses on. I chucked them into my drawer, and quickly put in my contacts. I then heard the bing of my phone again.

Group Chat-AnnaR,PhillipC,HarrisonR

PhillipC- she done yet? we r on our way up!


HarrisonR-I'm coming up 2 c Faith!

AnnaR-Hey, tomorrows our off day! What do u guys wanna do?

PhillipC-Well, there is a new kid today, we could play truth or dare with our sector.

AnnaR-there is a new kid? In our sector? that hasn't happend in 2 years! this is great!

I then heard a knock on my door. I opened it to see 2 tall boys towering over me. The shorter one had on a beanie, the other one had his hair ruffled up. Harrison must have just woken up.

"Okay come in boys, Phillip you look great, but lose the beanie." I pulled it off to see a mess of curly hair."Fine. I was just going to work on harrison, but I guess..." Then I attacked them with a comb They almost looked presentable."Better.You just need... I got it!" I ran over to the dresser and grabbed exactly what I needed. I placed the brush on top of Phillip's head and brused all the curls off his forehead and to the side. I then did the same to harrison's stock straight hair."Much better!" I said. Just then, Faith tiptoed over to harrison, and jumped on his back.

"Wha.. Faith? is that you?"

"What do you think, Harry?"

"Okay, Faith, please.. Keep all hands and feet on the vehicle at all times!"

He then ran around the room. God, they were so cute together!

"Wait, if there is a new kid, who is gonna be his roommate?"

"Nobody. he's the new gadget master for sector 1." said Phillip.


"Hey, we need to get downstairs." said Harrison, putting down Faith.

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