Here For London

Anna and Faith have worked in the British Secret Service since they were 15. Now, they are 18, and the top agents it the agency. But then, a new boy, by the name of Thomas, comes. Anna, Faith, and Thomas are forced to work on the field together. But what happens when a friend of the agency unexpectedly betrays them? Read Here for London to find out!


11. Sick bay

Faith's POV

I woke up in a strange place. Last thing I remembered was a person hitting me on the back of the head. He looked alot like... No. It can't be. He was loyal to us. I then noticed a tube coming out of my arm. I shot straight up in my bed. Sick Bay? What was going on here?  I had to get out of here. But then I realized my leg was wrapped up and hurt like heck. Why? What was happening? Where was everyone?

"HELP! WHERE ARE ALL MY FRIENDS?" I yelled at the top of my lungs. I wanted to jump out of my bed right now and find Anna. Suddenly, Celia came running into the room, and gave me something. A note, from Harrison. This is what it said:

Hey Love, We have been called to another mission. We're leaving on tuesday. The reason I can't tell you this myself is because i'm packing both of our stuff. See you soon!

Feel better, Harrison:)

Then, Celia said she would answer any questions I had.

"Why am I in sick Bay?"

"You cut your leg, and it needed immediate medical attention."

"Where is everyone?"


"Where's my phone?"

"On the bedside table." I grabbed it, and started texting Anna:

FaithA: What the heck happened in Canada?

AnnaR: Well, Major drake betrayed us, we got him in jail, I accidentally shot my boyfriend with a tranq gun, he's in sick bay with u, and we got a call from joe, the temporary major, and we're going to Russia on tuesday.

FaithA: wait, did u say russia?

AnnaR: Yeah...

FaithA: why Russia?

AnnaR: it's a mission to avenge my parents. you guys are coming for backup.

FaithA: C u soon I gtg

AnnaR: WHY?!?!

FaithA: my leg is severely injured

AnnaR: BOO C u soon


Anna's POV

Well, I gotta go check in on Phillip and see if he's up to the trip. I walked over to Sick Bay and walked up to Celia,and asked her which room he was in.


"Thanks Celia." I walked up to 16, knocked, heard a groan, and walked in."hey. You okay?"

"UGH I don't think so. What happened?"

"I may or may not have accidentally shot you with a tranquilizer gun. I promise it wass an accident!"

"I don't think I'm going to Russia with you guys."

"It's okay, we'll find someone."

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