Here For London

Anna and Faith have worked in the British Secret Service since they were 15. Now, they are 18, and the top agents it the agency. But then, a new boy, by the name of Thomas, comes. Anna, Faith, and Thomas are forced to work on the field together. But what happens when a friend of the agency unexpectedly betrays them? Read Here for London to find out!


12. New Movella

Hi everyone! I'm writing a new movella, called Born with a Broken Heart. It's about a girl named Larissa, who has had too many broken hearts in her life. She moves to London to leave the bad memories, and promote her singing career. Little does she know, Harry Styles is her neighbor. At first, she has a heart of stone, but she gives in. But Harry isn't all she thought he was.

the roles I need are:

Niall's GF

Ed Sheeran's GF

Some random slut that tries to take Harry away from Larissa

Larissa's best friend that dosn't approve of Harry

Larissa's best guy friend

about 6 of Larissa's college friends

Comment your name, what you look like, and which part you want to be!

It will be out soon!

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