Here For London

Anna and Faith have worked in the British Secret Service since they were 15. Now, they are 18, and the top agents it the agency. But then, a new boy, by the name of Thomas, comes. Anna, Faith, and Thomas are forced to work on the field together. But what happens when a friend of the agency unexpectedly betrays them? Read Here for London to find out!


6. Mission 1

Anna's POV

'run along, your'e going to need your strength for tomorrow. a big mission is coming up' What did he mean? Another mission with the group? My first solo mission? I drifted off to sleep thinking about the mission.


"Hey Anna, time to wake up." the voice was soothing. lovely. not Faith's  morning voice. Is it...



"Where's Faith?"

"Major Drake asked to speak with her. He also asked to wake you up.we're going to a group meeting with the Major. Get dressed in formal uniform." Great. Formal uniform.I hate formal uniform.I slid on the white button down, the navy blue blazer, Navy blue skirt, navy blue loafers. must be important. We got to the majors office, and sat around the table with him in the coference room.

"Now, you are here because there has been an outbreak in Canada. The Russians have come overseas and started to invade Canada. You are our top agents. We want your group to go help. I raised my hand."Anna."

"Are we all going, or are the gadget experts and doctors staying here to moniter?"

I will give you a list of people who are going.

Anna Ronan

Faith Andrews

Phillip Clemente

Harrison Rupp

Thomas Dickinson

Celia Martin

"Do you understand?" said the Major.

"Yes Sir."

"Go get changed peole that are going. put on training gear. we will be in the woods, so green will be good.See you at training.

Me and Faith walked back together.

"Anna, you know, Major told me you were a good singer.You should start a youtube music diary."

"What should I sing first?"

"How about, ONE DIRECTION!!"

"I thought you would say that.How about Rock Me? That's my favorite!"

"Good Idea! how about we start after training?"

"Good idea. i go first in getting dressed!" I put on a dark green 1/2 length sleeve, black jeans, a dark green jacket, and black, lightweight boots with a dark green canvas bag. Faith wore similar clothing. I got a text from Major to bring by bow and arrows. I slung my quiver of arrows over my shoulder, and my bow at my side. we headed out, and I put my phone in my bag. We headed out to the woods, and I got another Text from major to get into groups of 3 with the first people you see. Me, Faith, and Thomas saw each other first. we got together, and I started teaching them to shoot an arrow. They both had bows from a supply basket that we got from Major.

"You guys wanna see a cool trick?"


I scaled a tree quickly and hung upside down on a branch. I got an arrow, and shot a bird 4 trees away in the eye.They applauded, and I did a gymnastics flip out of the tree and landed on my feet. I taught them stance, balance, and accuracy.

Thomas's POV

I didn't know that she was that good! she's really amazing at this! she taught us how to shoot an arrow accuratly, and straight. next, it was my turn. I got us a computer, and i taught them how to get accurate information, and how to attack and hack past the companies firewall. i'm pretty sure Joe is going crazy trying to figure out who it was. I got into the agencys security camera system, and watched as joe had a freak out moment. we became pretty good friends after that. next was Faith.

Faith's POV

Now THAT was what I call funny! Joe having a tantrum!hilarious! I taught them Martial Arts. I brought punch pads. we kicked and punced. then we were done. We went back to our rooms, and we decided we needed some input on our videos.

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