how far can i fall

have you ever thought what it would be like if you ever went out with Justin Bieber?!
well it happened to Jessie.
the thing is she doesn't like him, until her best friend, Alex, takes her to a Justin Bieber concert and she catches his eye and just cant get her out of his mind.
Alex had a meet and great arranged for her and Jessie.
And that's how it started...


4. the concert.

I wasn't looking forward to this...

as we got out the car it was 8:30 and the doors where closed there were girl screaming and crying why are they crying they haven't even seen him yet!

" cant I go home?"

" if i have to come, then you have to come" Cody said laughing!

we got in they queue and waited, and waited and waited.

we finally got let in and we made are way to our seats. we were so close we could touch the stage.

" OMG I CANT BELEAVE WERE HEAR!!!!!" Alex shouted to me

all the screaming girls really made me want to scream shut up but i guess they wont even hear me!

the opening stars came on 

then the crown chanted down


a bang went of and Justin Bieber popped up. everyone was crying and screaming and Alex was one of them. a few songs went past and to be honest he's not that bad, he's good looking, he has a really good voice, i guess i was wrong. 

just then he looked at me and wouldn't stop staring at me, he smiled and winked. Alex looked at me and smiled then screamed. wow this girl has gone over the top. i wont be surprised if she looses her voice at the end of the night.

he sang more songs and then he ended the show.

" thank you everyone, thank you so much, i hope you had a good time, good bye"  he looked at me as everyone was leaving and smiled and then winked again. why did he keep doing that?

now it was time for the meet and great. yey! just what i wanted!!     

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