how far can i fall

have you ever thought what it would be like if you ever went out with Justin Bieber?!
well it happened to Jessie.
the thing is she doesn't like him, until her best friend, Alex, takes her to a Justin Bieber concert and she catches his eye and just cant get her out of his mind.
Alex had a meet and great arranged for her and Jessie.
And that's how it started...


3. nice girls day out... pluss Cody

I turned out my light and went to sleep.


I have no Idea what time it is all I know is that someone is hitting me over the head with a pillow, no make that two pillows.


" DUDE!!" I shouted at her! she stopped hitting me with a pillow and dragged me out of bed.

" oh hi Cody" hi said when I spotted him in the hallway!

" hey, having fun there?" he said while laughing

" nope"

Alex picked out some clothes for me and threw them at me and pushed me into the bathroom.

I finished getting dressed and put my make up on I got out the bathroom and but my shoes on and trotted down the stairs to see Alex and Cody at the door. it was 7:30 and we just arrived at the shopping mall.

we walked in the double doors,

" ohhh its empty!" I said to Alex.

" come on lets go!"

we were walking for about 10 seconds before Alex found a shop she wanted to go in.

for about 6 hours we were there, it was the longest 6 hours of mine and Cody's life!

we finally got back at 2.30, Cody went back to his place for a bit, he was going to meat us there.

me and Alex shot up stairs to put all our new outfits in our wardrobe.

" I cant wait for tonight!!"

" yeah me neither" I said sarcastically

" oh come on please look happy, you'll enjoy your self, I promise" she said with a smile

" fine, ill try, what time is it again?" when I say again I really didn't mean it because she hasn't even told me a first time.

" 8:45"

" ok, come on lets order a pizza!" I love pizza and so des Alice we have it every time she comes over. 

" YES" she screamed and ran down stairs before I could say anything.

as I got down stairs Alex was on the phone, we no the number of by heart.

" yes that's one peperoni and one chicken pizza please, thanks, bye." Alex hung up the phone.

20 minutes past and the pizza came. we ate the pizza and it was 4:36 and we had nothing to do so I went up stairs and shouted Alex.

" what?" she asked me as she came thorough the door.

" come help me choose what I should wear, then I'll help you to pass the time."

" ok" she said with a happy face

time passed and when we finished helping each other it was 7:54 and Alex was of mental.

we put on are outfits

I was wearing some black skinny jeans, a purple top then a black jacket on and my shoes was just dolly shoes ad my hair was let loose.

Alex was wearing a pink dress with purple leggings and some dolly shoes like me and her hair was tied in a ponytail.

someone knocked on the door. it was Cody.

" hey baby." Alex said to him as we stepped out the door. I wasn't looking forward to this...    

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