how far can i fall

have you ever thought what it would be like if you ever went out with Justin Bieber?!
well it happened to Jessie.
the thing is she doesn't like him, until her best friend, Alex, takes her to a Justin Bieber concert and she catches his eye and just cant get her out of his mind.
Alex had a meet and great arranged for her and Jessie.
And that's how it started...


6. justins number

"JESSIE!! what's that?!" she shouted at me! how should i know?

" what, oh, i don't know!"

i could see her heading towards it so i jumped up and picked it up before she could even touch it.

i opened it up and this is what it says


                          hey beautiful, don't know your name but im really would love to

                          i saw you at my concert in the front row, you looked amazing.

                          i don't no why but i cant get you out of my head the second i saw you

                          and i don't want you to get out of my head i want you to stay there

                         of ever. :) please think about this -

                          meet me tomorrow night , so hears my number so i can talk to you

                         and tell you how beautiful you are and tell you where i would like

                          you to meet me 



" what it say" Alex asked me

before i could say anything she snatched it out my hand. she read it and her mouth dropped open.

hear we go....

" OMG OMG OMG OMG, OH MY GOD!!! you totally got to call him!! please for me, this is amazing you could date Justin Bieber! this is gre-" i cut her of

" what no! i don't like him, i don't like his, gorgeous smile, that beautiful laugh of his, the way he sings, the way he winks, he's bubbling personality even though i don't no him well-" Alex cut me of this time

"I KNEW IT YOU DO LIKE HIM" crap did i just say all that?! maby i am falling for him?!!

i cant be, NO NO NO, i am , I CANT BE.

" i don't know, when i saw him last night he wouldn't stop smiling and winking at me!"

" CALL HIM, tomorrow morning, please for me!"

" ill think about it" and with that i took the note of her and walked up stairs to bed!

im guessing she's staying down stairs to watch tv and tell Cody about the note.

i went to my closet and picked out my P.J's and put them on. i put the note on my nightstand and got into bed and went to sleep!

i got woken up at 8 in the morning by Alex

"JESSIE WAKE UP!!!" errrr not again

" WHAT!"

" someone his hear to see you... its important!" ...


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