how far can i fall

have you ever thought what it would be like if you ever went out with Justin Bieber?!
well it happened to Jessie.
the thing is she doesn't like him, until her best friend, Alex, takes her to a Justin Bieber concert and she catches his eye and just cant get her out of his mind.
Alex had a meet and great arranged for her and Jessie.
And that's how it started...


7. I'm falling fast

Wake up its important .....

"what, who is it?"

" Go get dressed and come down stairs." 

So I got dressed and went down stairs, trust me, right now I am not the most attractive person. I have no make up on my hair is not brushed.

i got to the bottom and I could only see Alex but then a tall figure walked out from the kitchen.

" Hello beautiful"


it was justin alright, what was he doing hear? I thought he wanted me to call him?! 

" I'll leave you two to it" Alex said and with that she went up stairs. Why did she leave me with him and how can she be so calm when she's obsessed with him. Like I said strange child. Anyway... What was he doing hear????

" What are you doing hear"

" nice to see you to!" 

" sorry" why did I just say sorry? 

He walked closer to me and stopped a few feet away from me.

" Did you get my note?" 

"Yeah, I did, why me, why not someone els?"

" There's something different about you. I don't no what but I would like to find out" he winked at me and I couldn't help but smile. STOP IT, you don't like him, you don't like him, you don't like him. 

It's no good him just standing there makes me get all warm and fuzzy inside.      

" what you smiling at?" 

" you, I mean nothing" crap it was already said I can't take it back, he's smiling at me now and all I can do is smile I can't help it, I think I'm falling for him, he walks closer to me. He's stood right in front of me now.

"I like you" he likes me? Really?

" Really?"

" yeah" oh my god he does and you know what I kinda like him to... 

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