how far can i fall

have you ever thought what it would be like if you ever went out with Justin Bieber?!
well it happened to Jessie.
the thing is she doesn't like him, until her best friend, Alex, takes her to a Justin Bieber concert and she catches his eye and just cant get her out of his mind.
Alex had a meet and great arranged for her and Jessie.
And that's how it started...


2. but i dont want to!


"ALEX, ALEX ARE YOU ALRIGHT?!!! I came running down the stairs

I got to the bottom to see her stood there with a huge smile on her face.

" oh my god, Jessie guess what!!"

" im going to regret this but, what?"

" my dad, out of the blue, has gotten us 3 tickets to a.... JUSTIN BIEBER concert!!!!!!!" great just what I wanted, wait did she say 3 tickets, oh please tell me that Cody isn't coming to... Cody is Alex's boyfriend, I like Cody, he's awesome but every time there together there all kissy.

" WHAT no but I don't want to go!!" " and 3 tickets?"

" yeah Cody is coming and oh come on at least come for a few songs and if he bores you, I don't no how I can bore you, you can leave. ok?"

" for god sake, fine!" I said with a huff.

" yay!!"

" when is it?"

" tomorrow night!" " and were right at the front!!!!"

" great, not only im going to see him im going to get to see every part of him" I said sarcastically  

" oh yeah I forgot, were doing a meet and  great as well!!"

" GREAT!!" I said with a frown.

I walked over to the living room and sat on the sofa to turn the T.V on but Alex wouldn't let me all she wanted to talk about was the concert.

" hey I was going to watch telly!!."

" we need to go shopping tomorrow for the concert so we can catch Justin's eye." really is that  what she was really thinking about in that head of hers?

" rigghhhhtt!" " fine we will get up early and go shopping all day. a nice girls day out." 

" yep a girls day out and Cody" 

" what Cody's coming to?""

" Jessie what's Wrong, you love Cody"

" I know I didn't mean that in a mean way" 

we must have been talking for hours because it was 11:21 when we finished. " oh my, its 11:21 we need to go to bed if we are going to get up early!" Alex said getting up and heading up stairs. I followed her up she went into my bedroom and came back out and headed to the spare bedroom with her suitcase and her cardboard cut out of 'HIM' I forgot she had that, it looks like he's looking at you every time you walk past him.  

" night Jessie"

" night Alex"

I got in my P.J's and got into bed, turned my light out and went to sleep.

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