I didn't know

It only started with a text message. But then she become into a world where she didn't want to be. And also she never planned to fall in love with him, so did he. Is she strong enough? Will she fight? Will she past his darkness?


1. Why you?

Beau POV

Oh gosh I hate this to wake up so damn early. I got into the bathroom and taking a shower. After the shower I put my clothes on did my makeup and walked downstairs. Oh good it’s 8:00 AM. About 30 minutes Amber will be here. Today is it Halloween and we’re going to Sheffield with friends. There will be a big party and 1000 of zombies who are be able to scare the hell out of you. Normally I’m so slowly with things but today it’s otherwise. It was 8:20 AM so I was a bit bored so I’m about to check my twitter. Then I saw that Zayn tweet ‘This will be an amazing day’.  Oh fuck I forget he is going with us too. Don’t get me wrong he is friendly and we barely talk to each other but there is some strange thing about him. I also think that he didn’t like me. And that horrible thing is that we see each other very often because or parents are friends. At that moment I got a call from Amber, out of all my thoughts. I walk towards the door and I saw Amber with her brother Joshi in the car. I waved to her and walked towards the car and got into. He guys, where is everybody? I asked. There almost here Joshi answered. Oh right I said. Beau where are your parents? Amber asked me. Ehm, they are with my little sister a week to Spain I answered her. Yeah always they go to some places but I’m so busy so I can’t go with them. Don’t get me wrong I love to travel. So lucky bastard Amber and Joshi said in choir. I laughed yeah maybe. Then there came a big horn from a car behind us. Right they are here, so let’s go! Amber said happy. We waved to them and drove away.

The trip took a long time from London. Around 11:00 AM we were finally there. Joshi parked the car and Amber and I did some stretching exercises. When the group was complete. We walked into the big city. We all were so happy but also so tired. I’m hungry guys, can we get some food please? Jeffrey, Jessie her brother asked us. We all agreed and walked towards the nearest restaurant. The waiter opened the door and asked us how many we were. With 10 I answered. We were with Amber and her brother Joshi, Jessie and her brother Jeffrey, Fleur with her brother Tim, Robin with his brother Zayn and Zayns girlfriend Jill.  The waiter points us to a table and asked if we want any drink. We ordered everything and waited. And guess what.. I SAT NEXT TO ZAYN, GOD WHY? The only person who I didn’t want to sit next. Yeah I know he is so damn handsome. But he didn’t like me as a friend I think. So… WHY? He looked to me and asked He, what’s wrong?. Oh no my cheeks become red. I hope he didn’t see that I won’t sit next to him. Ehm, there is nothing a little bit afraid for tonight I answered lying. I can’t be honest to him. Ahw everything will be all right I’m there you know he said sweetly to me. WHAT? Are you kidding me? My checks become more and more red, ugh thanks. So I turned my face towards Amber who sat next to me, hoping he didn’t see my red cheeks. He laughed and said oh shy girl here with red cheeks. I giggled quietly. The waiter came on a perfect time with the drinks and food. Wow that takes really long.

Zayn POV

Ahw everything will be all right I’m there you know  I said. What did I just saying.. I saw here blush and laughed about it. oh shy girl here with red cheeks I also said.  She is cute and so beautiful. But I’ve already a girlfriend. And Beau and I barely talk to her. There is something with her. That I'll find out soon. I’ll know her better. But after all she didn’t know me. How I am, What I do.. Nobody knows it, good.

Beau POV

After we eat we were going to shop. All my thoughts were on Zayn. Many people asked what’s wrong with me but I can’t tell them. The day went slowly and it’s started to get darker and darker. And when the sun was away. The 1000 of zombies walks in and people were screaming, running. I was scared, So scared. Why was I doing this??? At that moment I was alone. Everybody was running away. I didn’t see them anymore, why is this happening to me? This girl who is scared of everything. At that moment tears were streaming in my eyes as there 5 zombies running in my way. With no doubt I started to run away. So far that they weren’t there anymore. I looked behind me and they were really close but at that moment I bumped into someone.. I screamed so loudly. And looked up to see who it was.. Zayn. My grip on him was so strong. And my head was in his jacket. ZAYN THEY COME AND GET ME I cried. Zayn hold me tight and tried to comfort me. When the zombies were behind me he told them to get away from me. They are away Beau Zayn told me. I was too scared to let him go. Come Beau we go to the car and wait there for the others Zayn said. I looked up to him and agreed. He grabbed my hand and walked towards the car. Normally I would think why the heck I’m holding his hand but this time I didn’t care. I was so scared. When we walked out of the city towards the car there were many zombies trying to scare us but Zayn protected me every time.

After a half hour I was calm. Still tears in my eyes. It was quiet between me and Zayn. And at that moment when I realized what just happened. All I could think is why? And that moment I fell asleep in his arms. 


Hi guys,

This is my first story and I'm not english I'm from Holland. So if there will be many mistakes I'm so sorry! I try to do my best!

I hope you guys like the first chapter. The story is really happened with me, only that Zayn isn't his real name. It's ofcourse a Zayn Malik fanfiction. I think I'm going   to update every week or more I don't for sure. Please comment and vote! 

Lots of love



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