Quick story i wrote hope you enjoy!


1. There is no chapters

Cold.Frostbite.Ice.Hot chocolate. Snow. Death. Freeze. All the words that i can think of to describe this bitter moment. I was trapped down in a cave. Well, i say a cave. More like under snow with only a few minutes of my life remaining. It was an avalanche that left me here. I lay with my hot chocolate. The one thing that with me on this trip. It was the only thing i could snatch from my bag before that got destroyed. The first few sips were warm, now it was like drinking iced tea. I was cold. Scared. Near death. But just holding this cup gave me a warm feeling to stay alive. To keep hope. I had tryed to escape. I kept trying. Just by pushing on the snow above brought me closer to light. But it was no use. It made me cold. Scared. Near death. I tryed again and b=my hand broke free. It pushed out into daylight. My bones tingled. I pushed more and more. And eventaully i pushed out. I was cold. Scared. Near death. But free, it was dark. The moon up high. The stars strewn across the galaxy. The tip of the mountain i was climbing was clear. I didnt care if i was cold. Scared. Near death. I ran forward. Then i tripped in joy and faceplanted into the snow. I was cold. Scaerd. Dead

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