Steam punk ship

A quick paragraph related to mah steampunk book. Hope you enjoy!!!!!!


1. The ship of awesomnesssss

The sails flickered in the midsummers wind, the pilot was working his arms and the working mechanical robots paced around loading the ship with cargo crates. The industrial smoke got to his nose. Miles sheathed his rapier and climbed up the wooden planks onbourd, the creaked as he took slow steps onbourd." You ready Miles?" The pilot asked kindly while putting a bottle of oil down on the ship. " Yeah i am, How long will it take," Miles replied couriously (Mispelt oops). The wind caught the ship and it tilted towards the cliff edge. The wind started to pick up and the ship came loose from the poles holding it down. "Ahh shoot. Hold tight," The pilot worried. " Whats going on?" Miles asked while diving to the ground and clenching the floor. " Prepare, we're bound to crash into Viseeve the industrial town, if we do, we'll be in big doo doo. It ain't going to be pretty," The pilot ran towards the wheel and dived onto it. "But-" "No buts, just help," the pilot interupted. Miles looked over the edge, it was far down. He knew that death was near.


If you enjoyed there will be more coming soon, thanks for reading, byeeeeeee

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