Lost in Love. ♥

Living with my best friend Sibel in London can be really funny. Especially when you're close to the boys of One Direction. I have known Niall now for more than 16 years and now here I am sharing a house with him in a private place in London city. Everything has it's ups and downs but finally everything's perfect and nothing other than just perfect.


33. Unexpected


Sibel's P.O.V.


After Liam and I went to his I didn't really felt comfortable. It's not like I've never been to his.

Me and Zayn always used to visit him but this time it's not the same.

'I'm not really sure about this, Liam ..' I said looking over to him as he was taking off his jacket.

He turns around looking deep into my eyes before walking towards me.

'Look Sibel, I can't just watch how my two best friends are feeling hurt. I don't want you to be sad. Let's just forget about everything what happend and maybe we can figure this all out in a couple of days. But for now you need rest.' he says smiling at me as I just nodd entering the living room with him on my right side.


About two hours have past and Liam was completely right.

I just needed some time to get ride of everything and now I'm sitting here with Liam watching the last part of Toy Story without a minute stopping to laugh. 

Liam's been so nice to me and he's really someone who you can talk to and who also understands.

I know somehow he wants to know what's going on right now but he tries to avoid the topic.

He wants to ask me but a second later he changes the topic maybe cause he's afraid of hurting me or something. I think I might just tell him. I mean you always need someone to talk to right?

And in this case Liam's there for me and I can trust him. And he really deserves the truth.

Just everything.

'Liam? I need to talk to you' watching as he was starring at the TV with a bright grin playing on his lips.

'Maan I love this movie' he smiles as he turns to look at me. ' Sure what is it?'

I grab the remote from the table placed infront of the couch and pause the movie.

He looks at me confused. 

'I think you need to know what happend the past days.. why Zayn is so jealous and you just.. need to know the truth.' I say as his eyes lock on the words I just sad.

'You're sure?' he asks still watching me.

'Just listen..' I start as he nodds his head yes.

'Remember the day you all got back to London and everywhere was the 'flashing news' Zayn's cheating on me with a fan?' I ask as he keeps on nodding his head.

'And you also know that I've got into a little fight with Zayn and when I left the house he came after me and the fight got worse?' I ask again.

'Yeah.. and than you met Chris right?' he questions. 

'Yes.. Chris came up asking Zayn to leave me alone since he had  recognised I didn't wanted to talk to Zayn right now. I didn't even know Chris until Zayn said his name.. and then everything got much more worse when they both started to fight and Chris was unconcious lying on the ground.' I mumbled. ' I got even more angrier and I told Zayn to leave.. that's when I called the ambulance and went with Chris to the hospital. I felt bad for him since he didn't even know me and just because of me he was lying in the hospital..' I said as I heard Liam chuckle. I looked at him confused.

'What?' I asked.

'You've always been the overprotective one.. even if you didn't even know that person..' he smiled at me as I smiled back. 

'Well let me finish' I returned to the maintopic. 'I excused myself for Zayn and we began to talk. I told him what was wrong and since he had also known about what happend in US he tried to make things better.. I mean he told me that Zayn's not that kind of guy and that I need to talk to him. But he didn't really compelled me to do it. So he offered that I could stay at his until he's back from hospital. That day I texted Niall and than you came to pick me up.' I said looking back to him.

'Oh yeah I remember' he said giving me the sign to continue.

'And then when things got better between Zayn and me you also know Abi started to feel bad and that day we took her to the hospital.. Harry and I got to know about her cancer..' I stated.

'Harry?' he asked a bit confused.

'Yeah, he was right next door when the doctor told us so he got to know it aswell but we had to promise Abi we wont tell you guys.. she didn't wanted to upset you.. and after I couldn't even tell Zayn I needed a place just to think or relax. So I decided to walk around the hospital until I remembered Chris was still at the hospital and that I needed to tell him I'm back at Zayn's. But all of a sudden I talked to him about Abi's cancer because I had no one to talk. I needed a friend in that moment and he was there for me. That's all Liam. We were just friends. And know Zayn thinks there's something on between me and Chris. I don't know how he got to know that I visited Chris but at the same time it wasn't anything bad, right Liam?' I asked as tears started to build in my eyes.

'You're right..' he mumbled. ' But what about everything what happend in the club?' He questioned concerned.

'That was just coincidence! He works at the club and I was looking for Abi. That's when he came over to me and I was just wondering why he was working since he had been to hospital earlier this week. But then Zayn again got angry and now everything is messed up.' A tear rolled down my cheeks as I turned my head down in embrassement.

'Oh..' was the only thing he could say.

'Tell me Liam, was it wrong? I mean, did I do something wrong? Can't I just talk to a friend when I meet him without the fear inside my soul that Zayn could get jealous? I mean everytime it's the same. You know, as he kissed that girl.. I was teared up. I felt like dying. But then I gave him another chance because I truely loved him and I still do. But he can't get that angry if I just talk to a guy. That sucks.' I state forcing myself to look at him.

'Sibel you're right. Zayn gets jealous much and I completly understand you. But at the same time you have to think about one thing. You should realise he's just doing all this because he also truely loves you. He's afraid of loosing you. Loosing you to other guys who might be better than him.

He's afraid someday you'll get home saying it's over because you found someone better and who makes you happier than he does. He wouldn't survive it..' Liam states.

I sigh. I didn't ever thought of that before. I just thought he's a jealous typ of guy but I never thought he would be that afraid of loosing me.

'Liam.. I don't want another guy.. I just want Zayn. I love him.. why would I want someone else if I have the most perfect boy right by my side?'

'You're right Sibel and you really need to know he loves you. More than everything and if he's jelaous then it's just because he's afraid that boy might be better than him. Not because he doesn't trust you or something..' he smiles at me.

'Thank's Liam, it's nice to talk to someone who understands' I smile as suddenly my phone goes off.

I watch as bright light shines from the counter as I stand up walking towards it. Liam keeps on looking at me as I look at the display.

Chris Dawson.


Abi's P.O.V.


'Abi, wake up.. we need to get to the doctor' I hear Niall whispering into my ear while shaking me sightly.

I groan as I turn to the otherside don't wanting to wake up.

'Come on, love. We need to get to that appointment.' he says in his smooth voice.

'What time is it?' I mumble with still closed eyes.

'It's 9:05am and our appointment is at 9:45am' he stated and my eyes widen.

'You're kidding right?' I ask looking at him.

He shakes his head no.

I jump out of the bed but regretting it the other second as I was about to fall down to the ground.

Before I could hit the ground I could feel Niall's arms wrap around my body don't letting me fall.

'You're okay Abi?' he asks a bit worried but I just nodd.

'Side effects, Ni' I state as I head to the dresser grabbing a red tank top and black shorts before heading to the bathroom.

When I got ready Niall was waiting for me at the staircase. 

We both walked outside to his car hurrying a bit cause we had just 15minutes for the appointment.

We arrived at 9:40 at the parking lot as we stepped out and walked into the private entrance.


'How are you feeling, Abi?' Dr. Nathan asks entering the room and sitting down right infront of Niall as I was lying on the bed.

'Better now.. just the same collapsing thing' I state looking over to Niall who held my hand the whole time.

'Oh right. We have to check your blood again to see if there's any improvement. Are you still taking the pills I told you to take?' he asked. 

'yeah' I lied.

'Good the nurse will just arrive' he smiles one last time before walking out of the room.


An hour later Niall and I got back home. I had a plaster on my right arm and it started to hurt a bit. The doctor gave me some medicament that I should take every night to get ride of the pain and also the vomiting. But since I know I've never liked tablets or something like that I know I would never get ride of the pain. I just hate tablets. I've always hated them and I always will.

As we entered the kitchen I looked over at the clock. It was 12:13pm and we didn't even had our breakfast. Niall told me I couldn't eat something in suppose I would have a blood check-up and what a surprise I had. But Niall didn't eat either. That was kind of cute since I know how angry he gets if he doesn't get the exact meal to the exact time. That boy is piggish and just crazy.


'Let's have a quick breakfast before you're taking your tablets Abi, remember one in the morning and one after dinner.' Niall says oppening the fridge while taking out some orange juice and getting the bread from the counter.

I walk over to him as he starts doing sandwiches. His back is turned to me as I lean against his shoulder. 

'Breakfast yes, tablets no' I whisper into his ear before turning around and walking to the counter grabbing an apple.

He turns around furrowing an eyebrow on me.

'You must be kidding.. you're still afraid of tablets,love?' he chuckles.

'I'm not afraid.. it's just I hate them.. and I always will' I state taking a bit of my apple as I lean against the counter.

He walks over to me until just centimeters are between both of us as he strokes my cheek with his hand.

'Aww my little Abi is still afraid of tablets..' he whispers as I start to get pissed of.

'I'm not afraid!' I yell pushing him aside as he starts to laugh.

'Prove it' he smirks.

'No..' I mumble.

'You know what? I'm not hungry anymore. I just want you to take those pills and then you'll go rest and after an hour we both drive to McDonalds for lunch, how's that?' he smiles at me.

'Niall. I won't EVER take those pills.' I spat still pissed of.

'Really?' he says with an eyebrow raised as he starts to get closer to me.

I take a few steps back as I hit the counter. He chuckles before he starts to tickle me. 

Shit. I can't be pissed of if I'm laughing the whole time.

'Niall stop! Please!' I laugh trying to pull him away but he keeps on tickling me.

'Not until you take those pils' he states.

'H-How can I t-take them if I can't even m-move' I breath still trying to push him away laughing even more harder. 

'Please Niall!' I say one last time before pushing him aside and running past him out of the kitchen.

Without looking back I sprint through the livingroom upstairs towards my room.

As I reach the last step I hear him shouting my name as he's also on the stairs following me.

I quickly turn around to see him hot on my tail as I turn back to run into my room.

Before I could close the door he step between the door and the frame and got inside.

'Please stop tickeling me Niall!' I say taking steps backwards until I hit the side of my bed. He has a package of my tablets in his one hand and a glass of water in the other.

How did he get those that fast?!

He walked over to me a smile playing on his face.

'Trust me.. I'm gonna make you take those pills.If you want to or not.' he says before pulling me back to sit down on the bed straddeling me.

He placed the glass of water on the side table and grabed my chin. Forcing my mouth to open before trying to pull the tablet into my mouth. But without any success 'cause I keep my teeth gritted. 

'You're not making this any easier,love' he says before starting to tickle me again.

I give in starting to laugh as he suddenly pulled the pill into my mouth and grabbed my chin forcing me to look at the ceiling. My mouth is still open as he gets the glass of water and seconds after I've gulped the tablet with the water down my throat. 

I look back at him as a big smile is playing on his lips. 

I start to hit him several times into the shoulder and stomach making him laugh until I heard the doorbell rang.

I stopped trying to hurt him as I looked over to the door and then back to Niall. I push him off me before standing up making my way to the door until Niall stops me. 

'Where do you think you're going?' he smirks.

'Didn't you hear the bell, Ni? Just gonna check who it is' I say as he grabs my wrist pulling me back.

'I told you. You need rest.' he states as I roll my eyes.

'Shut up Niall, I'll take my rest but just give me a minute' I say before heading downstairs to the door.

I open it and see a familiar guy standing right in front of me.





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