Lost in Love. ♥

Living with my best friend Sibel in London can be really funny. Especially when you're close to the boys of One Direction. I have known Niall now for more than 16 years and now here I am sharing a house with him in a private place in London city. Everything has it's ups and downs but finally everything's perfect and nothing other than just perfect.


36. Turning out wrong


Louis' P.O.V.

'Looks like we're the only one left' I laughed looking to Niall and Abi who were sitting right in front of me. Niall smiled in respons but I could see the bewilderment in her eyes as she was sitting there still paralyzed of the actions what just had happend. 

I looked at Niall signaling him that somethings wrong with her. As he recognises he stands up kneeling down in front of her. 'Abi, love. Zayn's going to handle it. Trust me they will be back together very soon' he tried to comfort her.

They are just so adorable. I wish they would get rid of the whole 'best friend' thing and actually get together. Like really together. And I guess thats everyone's wish. But first Abi has to get through her disease. I don't really want to loose such a nice person. She's always been so kind and friendly to all of us. She's part of our family now.

'Abi, c'mon it'll get alright. And see, Sibel hasn't left to Ireland' Niall smiled at her but she kept on staring. 

'yeah love, we all know they will get through all of it.' I reassured her as she looked up at me and then back to Niall.

'I hope you both are right.. she loves him.. they can't break up..' she whispered.

Niall pulled her in for a hug and everything went quiet. Not an awkward Silence but even though I felt like I should leave them both have some time alone.

I slowely stood up grabbing my jacket from the glass table right in front of the couch where Abi was sat.

As they suddenly pulled away looking at me with a confused look both trying to hide their blushing.

'I better be going.. Seyhan should be waiting for me.. and I guess you both need some privacy' I grin winking at them making them blush even more.

I chuckle to myself as they only nodd in response before walking towards the hallway putting on my shoes and walking out of the door.

They are just cute.


When I entered the hallway I heard voices coming from the livingroom. Thats when I remembered that Seyhan told me about her friend coming over today. But she never told me who. 

And the strange thing is.. that this place is quite secret so no fans or people who don't know this place can't even come and visit. 

I started to wonder who this might be since she didn't attend school yet cause she has holidays and she couldn't have any friends yet. 

Why do I haven't considered this before? Slowely I took my shoes and jacket off while placing my keys on the side cupboard.

As I entered the livingroom I could see some guy lying on top of seyhan on the couch and.. kissing her?!

I felt the anger building in me as I slowely walked over to them. I wanted to grab him and beat the shit out of him until he's lying on the ground struggling for breath.

But suddenly my breath stopped.

I should have known. I felt how the blood inside of me started to boil as I just stood there frozen watching Harry how he was kissing my sister.

'WHAT THE FUCK HARRY?!' I suddenly yelled breaking their kiss as he looked up at me with shocked eyes.

I didn't even know what came over me as I grabbed his shirt and pulled him off of Seyhan.

I wanted to punch him. Hard. But at the same time he was my best mate.

'I can't believe you did that..' I whispered through gritten teeth.

'I don't get what your problem is Lou, it's her life and she can decide how to live her life..' Harry said in a very angry tone.

'Shut the fuck up Harry! I'm her brother and I have every right to tell you to back off' I hissed.

'But I'm her fucking boyfriend!' he yelled.

My grip loosened as I looked over to Seyhan who was sitting there watching and shaking.

I couldn't believe I made her cry. 

I let go of Harry and just stood there looking confused.

'Get out.' I whispered.

'What?' Harry asked bewildered.

'I said.. GET OUT' I grabbed his wrist before dragging him with me and out of the house.

I closed the door behind me and sunk down to the floor.

I can't believe what I just did.


Sibel's P.O.V

'Where r we going?' I asked closing the door behind me while walking down with Chris to his car.

'Just to the club.. I know how much you love to party and I think this would distract you from everything' Chris smiled at me and I smiled back. He's such a lovely guy. I can't even understand what's wrong with Zayn. But at the same time I don't think this is such a great idea. I mean I know how Zayn's gonna react if he finds out. It would make things worse. But Liam told me he would handle it. Maybe I just have to trust him.

My thought were interrupted as we finally arrived at Chris' car. 

'What the..' my jaw dropped. This was one of the most beautiful cars I've ever seen in my entire life. I was just paralized. It was an Audio R8 in black and white but mostly white.



'Like what you see?' Chris' voice took me back to reality.

' hell yeah' I laught.

He winked at me before opening the passenger side. I stepped in as he closed the door behind me and walked over to his side, stepping in aswell.

We drove off and after about 15min we arrived at a club called 'Heaven'.

The club was quite full and just as I entered the club 3 girls came running over to me before yelling my name and asking for photos. I wasn't really in the mood of taking photos but I don't wanted to disappoint them. They kept on asking about me and Zayn but I just tried to hide everything as good as possible. When everyone left to go dancing Chris and I walked over to the bar. 

I wasn't really in the mood of dancing. I just wanted to get rid of the whole negative feeling.

'hey man, long time no see. Who's this pretty lady?' I heard the bartender call as Chris and I sat down. I started to blush. Chris gave me a smile before turning to the bartender.

'This is Sibel. And Sibel? This is a good friend of mine. Paty ' Chris smiled at me.

'Paty?' I asked looking over to the bartender. That was a quite strange name. I would  probably call my dog Paty.

'Well actually my name is Patrick, love' he winked at me before turning back to Chris.

'So, what do you guys wanna drink?' he smiled. 

Chris looked at me and as I shook my head he just said 'nothing for today,mate'

You could probably see the disappointment in 'Patys' aka. Patricks face.

I grabbed Chris arm turning him towards me. 'What?' he laught.

'You can drink if you want Chris. I don't mind' I reassured him.

But he just shook his head no. I turned to Patrick giving him an apologetic look. 

'I think you've done it really bad to him, love. I can't remember that Chris said no to a drink. Ever!' he stated winking again.

I felt myself smiling.

'By the way, you're gorgeous. I think I've fallen for you're beautiful eyes Sibel' Patrick grinned at me. 

I started to laugh just because of the fact that the bartender started to flirt with me.

'back of mate, today I'm giving her company' Chris stated in a protective way which just made me blush even more before all of us started laughing at the same time.

It all went so great and I really forgot about everything until suddenly the music stopped and the attention was turned to a man on the stage in a suit, who I guess was the manager. He held the mic in his hand and started to talk.


'Today seems to be a really special day cause a really special person is right here with us now.' he said and I could see everyone started to wonder who this might be. Since it was just a normal day and not one of those private celebrity partys.

'Please put your hands together and welcome the one and only - Zayn Malik' he finally shouted and I was just.. paralized.

I watch him taking every step up to the stage. His eyes fixed on me. I started to shake and tears were streaming uncontrolable down my cheeks. I could feel Chris' gaze on me and then he turned to face Zayn. He was just as shocked as I am.

I wanted to run. Just run away but I couldn't.

'This one is for the most beautiful and important girl in my life. Sibel? I love you' he said into the mic and I could feel everyone's eyes on me. All of a sudden I started to feel weak as I was about to fall but Chris grabbed my waist and hold me close. Like he knew I was about to collapse. 

We just stood there in silence as the music started to play and Zayn started to sing.

So I just stood there. Listening to the most beautiful voice and the most handsome man I've ever seen in my entire life. Knowing this song is just dedicated to me. I couldn't help but let out all my emotions and tears. In a way I wanted to run towards him pull him into a hug and just tell im how much I love him. But I couldn't. I always did this mistake. I always ruined everything. And as he was about to sing the last lines I could see a small tear running down his cheek. No one seemed to notice cause everyone were trying to hold back their own tears. And then everything turned wrong.


But I just want you to know.

I hope he buys you flowers, I hope he holds your hand.

Give you all his hours when he has the chance.

Take you to every party cause I remember how much you loved to dance.

Does all the things I should have done.. when I was your man..

Does all the things I should have done, when I was your.. man.



I messed it up. I just messed it all up. 

I can't take this anymore. Zayn really thinks I'm cheating on him with Chris. 

Was this his way to break up with me? I couldn't hold it anymore. 

I let go of Chris and just ran. I turned around and left the club without knowing where to go.

I don't wanted to stay at that place. I don't wanted to face Zayn.

He doesn't deserves me. I messed it all up.

I walked through the doors wiping away my tears as suddenly someone grabbed my wrist before a big flash hurted my eyes.

Someone took a photo. But before I could react I was sitting in a car next to.. Liam?

'I don't want the paps to see you like this' Liam said handing me a pack of tissues.

'They already have.. I guess' I whispered throughout my tears.

'Shhh it's okay..' he tried to calm me wile pulling me into a hug.

I started to cry even louder. ' It's over Liam.. it's all over! Zayn hates me! I messed it all up!' I yelled grabbing his shirt and sobbing into his chest. He still held me close.

'It's okay Sibel.. calm down..' he whispered into my ear rubbing my back gently.

After some minutes of silence I pulled back and saw Chris running out of the club searching for me.

I looked over at Liam who just nodded before saying ' Tell him to drop you at mine.. I'll just take Zayn. Oh and here are the spare key so you don't have to be waiting for me' he said handing me a key. I nodded before walking out of the car and towards Chris.

As he saw me he just came running towards me and pulled me into a big hug.

'I was so worried about you! Don't you ever run again!' he yelled still holding me close. I nodded as he pulled away.

'Can you drop me at Liam's? ' I asked as he slowely nodded before taking my hand and walking over to his car.

I take a short look back at Liam seeing him and Zayn walking to his car. 

I turn back to Chris who had that confused look on his face. 

I gave him a small reassuring smile before we both drove back to Liam's.



Abi's P.O.V


I was woken up by the sound of my phone going off. 

I slowely opened my eyes greeted by the bright moon shining through the window. It was in the middle of the night. I groaned before grabbing my phone from the sidetable.

I took a small glance at Niall who was sleeping right beside me. I smiled to myself. He looked so peaceful. Since the day I told him about my cancer he always used to sleep in my bed. I think he felt better and so did I. I could tell I was really about to fall in love or I think I'm just in love with him. But I can't let him know. Things will get worse.

I looked back at my phone seeing that I recieved a message.. from Zayn?

I opened the message and read.

From: Zayn

'hey Abi, hope im not disturbing your sleep.. but I really need to talk to you. It's kinda important.. can we both meet up 2morrow? - Zayn'


I read it again and again since I was still half asleep before I replied.

To: Zayn 

'yeah sure zayn is it about Sibel? i gotta go shopping tomorrow morning.. how about we meet at starbucks? probably at.. 1.30pm?' 

I quickly got another message.

From: Zayn

'sounds good.. Yeah it's really important. Well gonna go sleep good night and thanks :)'

I smiled before shutting my phone and settling it on the nightstand.

Looks like everythings gonna be better now. As I turn around and start to close my eyes I felt two strong arms wrap arround my waist from my back. I smile to myself while snuggling closer to Niall.

He lets out a sigh before mumbling 'why are you still awake?' you could almost here in his voice that he was still half asleep.

'I got a message from zayn.. he wanted to talk to me tomorrow about Sibel..' I whispered.

'Okay..' he mumbled into the crook of my neck before we both drifted back to sleep.



'So when are you comin back?' Niall asked with a mouth full of cereals.

'I wont be long.. just a few hours' I smiled at him finishing my bowl with cereals aswell.

'I'm meeting Zayn at 1.30 at Starbucks and then I'll come home' I grabbed my empty bowl and placed it in the sink.

'Oh okay..' he smiled finishing his bowl aswell. 'And you're sure you don't want me to give you a ride?' he asked a bit worried.

I walked over to him placing my hand gently on his cheek.

'You don't have to worry about me Ni, I'm alright' I smiled at him giving him a small peck on the cheek. He nodded but there was still uncertainty in his eyes.

'Well I better be going' I said walking into the hallway putting on my shoes grabbing my jacket and walking out of the front door. 'See you later' I shout before closing the door behind me.

I started to walk down the street and thinking about the most important things I should buy.

First I need to go to the pharmacy and get some Aspirin pack since mine is empty and the headache is getting worse than before. Then I surely need to look for some presents for Liam and Niall. 

It's the 17th of august and in less than two weeks it's Liam's birthday. I remember when Niall told me to surprise him by getting his family to London to spend his 20th birthday with us. I'm someone who plans everything. So I also need to get great presents for him thatswhy I wanted to go look for something today. Niall's present also has to be something really special. But I just don't know what I can get him this time. 

I remember how he gave me that beautiful necklace on my birthday a few months ago which said 'best' and the other half is Niall's keychain saying 'friends'. I just loved it.

I also needed another few things. After about 15minutes walking I arrived at a busstop. I decided not to take the bus since anyone could notice me. I don't like that much attention but thats what happens when you're the best friend of THE Niall Horan from One Direction.

A couple of girls recognise me and Sibel when were shopping at the mall and they used to ask us about Niall and the boys and some of them even wanna take pictures with us. Thats kind of crazy but also funny. 

I walked for another 20minuted before arriving at the mal in London. It's not quite big. I don't wanted to go to the big Shopping mal right in London city cause that wouldn't end quite good since I'm alone right now and Niall doesn't want me to go by myself to the big mal.

I entered the Parmacy and went straight to the girl on the counter.

'Hello, how can I help you?' she asked smiling at me.

'Do you still have a package of Aspirin?' I asked smiling back politely.

'Yes of course. Just a second' she said before turning through the private door.

After a couple of seconds she returned.

'Here you go' she smiled at me. 'That would be 8.49pounds' she said typing something into the computer. I gave her my credit card and after about two minutes she thanked me and then I left the store.


I looked at the clock to see it was already 1.20pm as I walked out of the last shop. I still couldn't find anything special for Liam neither for Niall. I hurried a bit since I knew I had to walk a quite long way to Starbucks. On the way I heard someone calling my name. Shit.

'hey look! isn't that Abi?' I heard a girl say. I stopped before turning around and smiling.

Two girls walked quickly over to me. 

'Omg Hi, I can't believe I met you..' one of them said. 

'How is Niall? Are you alone here? How are the boys doing?' the other one asked without taking a breath.

'They are doing good.' I smiled at them. ' And yes I'm here alone but I-' I started to say but I don't think it would be a great idea to tell them that I was about to meet Zayn at starbucks.

But they didn't seem to notice.

'Can we take a picture with you?' the other girl said giving me the puppy face.

I smiled and nodded. I took a picture with everyone before they finally said goodbye. I looked at my watch and it said 1.31pm. Shit.

I started to walked faster then before and I finally arrived at Starbucks in just 3minutes.

I went through the tables and saw Zayn sitting on one table in the background. He couldn't see me since I was facing his back. I walked over to him as he looked up at me.

'Oh hey' he smiled giving me a quick hug before I sat down right infront of him.

'Sorry, I got distracted by fans' I said out of breath.

He let out a chuckle. 'Fans?' he smiled.

'Your Fans. I don't even know why they wanted to take pictures with me' I said in a confused tone.

'Well okay so tell me, what's going on right now and how is Sibel?' I asked.

'Yeah look. Yesterday as Liam and I left to the club.. I was kind of confused how to react if I see them both. I mean they were at a club right? But it wasn't as I expected. They just sat there on the bar talking to eachother. And as I saw her laughing I just don't wanted to disturb her you know..' he mumbled.

'So you didn't talk to her?' I asked sternly.

'Well not really..  but I sang a song.. and ahm she recognised me. I put all of my feelings in it and kinda just sang.. and after the song she started crying and left. I thought I might have loosen her so I went to Chris and talked to him.' he stated.

'You talked to Chris? Why?' I got confused. Why would Zayn talk to chris? Afterall it was like he was the reason for everything. I mean in Zayn's eyes.

'I didn't really talked to him.. I just told him to take care of Sibel and that she needs to be happy..' he replied.

I looked at him even more confused and as I kept quiet he looked at me. I gave him a sign to continue and he did.

'When I told Chris to take care of her.. he just told me that I should stop this shit and that Sibel really loves me..' he mumbled.

'I told you..' I stated as he stared at me. 'Zayn you have to fix this up. I mean.. I don't know just do something! Talk to her or any-' I started to say but something else caught my attention.

So I just sat there staring at the door ignoring Zayn's look. Tears started to build in my eyes as I just kept on looking at those two people. Everything turned upside down in just a second. The tears which were building were now streaming down my face. Everything went silence. I didn't expect that. I didn't expect to see him.

'Abi.. what's wrong?' I heard Zayn's voice but I kept staring at him.

I felt how my vision started to blurry. Everything right in front of me started to fade. It was like the whole world stopped for that moment.

I started to shake and the last thing I could hear was Zayn standing up from his place hurrying over to my seat before mumbling 'Shit!' and suddenly everything went black.







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