Lost in Love. ♥

Living with my best friend Sibel in London can be really funny. Especially when you're close to the boys of One Direction. I have known Niall now for more than 16 years and now here I am sharing a house with him in a private place in London city. Everything has it's ups and downs but finally everything's perfect and nothing other than just perfect.


21. Telling the truth


Abi's P.O.V.

'she died' he mumbled as a tear escaped his eyes travelling down his cheek.

I sighed. What happened to her? Why did she die and most of all what does Josh mean by ' don't do the same thing you did to me and Jessica'? Niall's involved in that? He never told me anything about a 'Jessica'.. I need to know!

I look over to Josh as he's driving his car. Tears still streaming down his face.

I can't ask. Not now. He's too upset. I have to wait until we're home. But I can say there was more than just relationship between both of them. I have to know what happend.


As we finally arrived we sat in the car for about 5minutes without talking. He just stared at the stearing. I decided to unbuckle my seat belt. I walked out of the car and so did Josh.

I just walked to the door and wated for him to open. Still everything was silent.

As we got in I closed the door behind me.

'Josh?' I asked a bit worried. He looked up at me.

'What happened to J-Jessica?' I stuttered.

His eyes were swollen. I could see the guilty feeling in his eyes.

'Come with me..' he mumbled as he went upstairs. I followed him.

He went into his room leaving the door bride open for me.

I walked in and sat down on the bad. He was searching something in his wardrobe.

Finally he stood up and walked over to me. Sitting besides me and handing me a photograph.

I could see a tall girl right next to Josh. His arm was wrapped around he shoulder.

'Is.. t-this Jessica?' I stuttered still staring at the picture.

He nodded smiling sightly.

'She's..ahm r-really beautiful' I didn't know what to say. I put the photo on the night desk and turn around to look at him.

He was staring at the ground. I felt guilty I yelled at him. I didn't know something like this happened.

I liftet up his chin to meet his eyes. Those beautiful blue eyes became grey and fulll of sorrow.

'I'm sorry..' I whispered.

'No it's not your fault! It's just..me..' he started.

'Can you tell me what happened to her?' I asked stroking his cheeks.

He grabbed my hand which was placed on his cheek and placed in on my thigh.

I got tensed. 

'Then promise me you wont hate me' he said looking into my eyes.

'I-I don't know just tell me.. I'll try' I mumbled.

'J-Jessica used to be my girlfriend , as I told you. We were together for a really long time and I-I really loved her..She became really close to Niall like they were sister and brother you know? And I..' he stopped.

'Josh what did you do?' I asked surprised.

'I.. It's not my fault ok?! I thought she was cheating on me with Niall! He was my best friend! I got it wrong! She loved me and I.. I'm such an Idiot!' he started to say leaning his head into his hands.

Tears streaming down his face.

'Josh! What did you do to her?!' I shouted with a shaky voice.

'I-I had a little missunderstanding with her.. We both argued and then Niall appeared. I yelled at him and went off to a party.. When I got home I was completely drunk and I..' he stopped again.

'JOSH FUCKIN TELL ME WHAT HAPPEND?!!' I yelled at him grabbing his collar.

'I brought a girl from the party back home.. I was so jeaulous I don't know what came over me! S-She just ran out and I didn't wanted to run behind her. I wanted her to feel the way I did!. But I didn't know she..' he sobbed.

'She what?' I asked again full of anger.

'She.. ahm.. she ran into a truck. She was hit by it in the night and just.. died.. She died because of my jealousness. She died because of me!' He started to cry.

I was shocked. 

I  moved back of him so I hit the wall behind me.

Tears streaming down my face aswell. 

He's Jealous. He's jealous of me and Niall. I wont do something like Jessica. But what if he gets me to? I'm afraid. I don't know if I can handle all this. I just start crying.

Suddenly I felt a hand place on my shoulder. I look up to see Josh's confused face infront of me.

'Abi, you're ok?' he asked nervous.

'Y-you're not jealous of Niall and I , are you?' I asked looking into his eyes.

No answer.

I pull his arm away from my shoulder and stand up. I stay right in front of him looking him into the eyes. He looks away.

'You don't trust me' I mumble while turning around.

'No! I do trust you.. but I don't trust Niall' he says grabbing my arm turning me around to meet his gaze.

'Josh are you mad? Niall's my best friend! We've been living for such a long time together and you think I'm cheating on you?!' I shout as I pull my arm out of his tight grip.

He just looks at me confused.


Sibel's P.O.V.


As I wake up a few hours later I see two eyes staring at me.

'Sleep well? I think not , cause' thouse chairs are not that comfortable' I hear a voice from infront of me. It's Chris.

'Chris? Dr. Nathan said you would just wake up tomorrow morning?' I asked confused as I looked over to the clock. 9.05pm. 

'Yeah but no boy can sleep if something as beautiful as you is sitting right in front of him' he says smiling at me. I blush.

'I-I'm really sorry for what happened earlier. It's all my fault.. and thanks that you came defending me. Oh I think  should introduce myself I'm Sibel B-' I say stretching out my hand for him.

'Sibel Brandon I know , you're the beautiful girlfriend of Zayn' he says grabbing my hand.

'And I'm Chris. Chris Dawson' he says smiling at me ' Well Sibel , I know we don't know each other really well but would you mind telling me what happened earlier between you and Zayn?' he asked getting up a bit without hurting himself.

'Eh..' I stuttered.

'You don't have to if you don't want' he replied.

'No.. it's ok.. He ahm.. he went on tour last week and kind of cheated on me.' I mumbled.

'Oh..' was the only thing he managed to say.

'Noo , not that way I mean he kissed a girl. A fan to be honest..' I stated.

'Really? thatswhy you where that upset?' he asked a bit surprised.

'Yeah..' I mumble.

'I don't want to get into your problems sibel and after all it's your decision but as I saw you both talking eariler Zayn doesn't seem like he's that cheater guy.. I know him.. really well actually. We used to go to college together and I don't know why but he hated me. I used to date his old best friend and he was kind of defending her too. He never was that bad boy everyone like everyone is thinking. He's a lovely guy and I could tell he really loves you. I could see it.' Chris smiled.

I felt tears building in my eyes thinking about Zayn.

I'm the one who messed up everything. I didn't give him the chance to explain. Now I messed up our relationship.

'hey.. don't cry' Chris says standing up slowly coming over to me.

He huggs me tightly. It feels kind of good. He pulls away and looks into my eyes. 

'what happened , love?' he asks wiping away my tears.

'I messed everything up.' I whisper. ' He tried to talk to me but I avoided him. He hates me and I can't go home!' I say while tears still escaping my eyes.

'Oh.. mhm.. don't get it wrong but would you mind staying at mine for today? I can give you the keys, I'll be discharged tomorrow morning. The address is 31 Scarborough Street here in London ' he says going back to his bed and grabbing the keys from the side table handing it to me.

'Chris you don-' I try to say but he cuts me off.

'It's ok , stay until you feel comfortable and ready to talk to Zayn' he says.

'Thank you' is the only thing I manage to say before getting up and walking over to the door.

'What for?' he asks laughing and I stop right infront of the door. I turn back to face him.

'For everything' I smile at him walking away.

I pull out my phone to text Abi , I should tell her I'm ok. She'll get tensed.

'Hey abi , I'm staying tonight at a friend's. Don't get worried I'm ok xx -Sibel' 

I click the send button and walk out of the hospital to get a taxi.



Niall's P.O.V.


I couldn't sleep. I looked at the clock 9.12pm Why did I let her go? What's going to happen between them? And what about Zayn and Sibel? So many things are happening at this moment I don't really know how to feel about that. Sibel and Zayn are about to break. Josh and Abi are in a bad mood too. The only one's who I have for now is Louis , Liam and Harry. 

I walk down to the kitchen to drink something. I'm not tired even if had had a long flight a couple of hours ago.

As I enter the kitchen I hear a phone ringing. It's not mine. It was short. I walk into the hall to see a bride light from the cupboard over the tv.

Abi's phone. She must have forgotten it before she left with Josh.

I shouldn't read the message but I saw it was from Sibel. I was too worried that I picked it up and opened the message.

'Hey abi , I'm staying tonight at a friend's. Don't get worried I'm ok xx -Sibel' 

A friend? Who's that friend? I got even more worried.

'Hey Sibel , it's Niall. Abi forgot her phone at mine. Don't get me wrong but who is this 'friend' ?' I reply.

From Sibel :

'hey Niall , yeah you don't know him exactly'

To Sibel :

'Don't missunderstand me love but I don't think it's a good Idea if you stay at a strangers house even if you say it's your friend. Because I can't remember you had a mysterie friend we all don't know' 

From Sibel :

'Niall, I know.. I met him as I left yours. He got punched by Zayn and I took him to hospital. He offered to stay at his until I would go and talk to Zayn'

To Sibel :

'Hmm.. I understand but I think it would be better if you stay at the boys' or so.. you know what? I'll come and pick you up and then you spent the day here. Tomorrow you can go to Zayn's. Since you're Abi's best friend and dating my best friend I can't let you stay at a stranger's can I? :)'

From Sibel :

'Niall that's really sweet of you.. The address is 31 Scarborough Street , London'

To Sibel :

'Ok I'll be there'

I click sent and make my way to my room changing my clothes and grabbing my jacket.

I then walk down , put my shoes on and open the door.

Suddenly I see a tall familiar guy standing right in front of me.

'Zayn?' I ask surprised.

'Yeah.. can I come in?' he mumbled.

'Ye-Yeah of course' I said a bit surprised 'What happened?' I ask as he sits down and stares at me. 

'You have to go anywhere?' he asked looking at my hand where I held the carkeys.

'Yeah..' I mumble.

'Can't it wait? I need to talk to you' he says sad.

I sit down beside him and nodd. 

He starts to tell me what happened after they both left and I didn't really notice because I knew the story already. I pulled out my phone and started to text Liam. But still I keeped on nodding so he would think I'm listening.

To Liam :

'hey mate , you have to do me a favor. Sibel's at a guy's house called Chris.

Here's the address please go and pick her up she'll be waiting' 

I push the send button and look back to Zayn.

'...then I went back home and I tried to sleep but I just couldn't get my mind off. Thatswhy I decided I'll come to yours.. But Niall? You don't know where she is at the moment do you? I haven't seen her in the past 2-3hours I'm really worried.'

I shake me head. No.


Zayn's P.O.V.


Niall's been so quite. He's usually the one who encourages me but this time he didn't even notice what I was talking about. He texted someone. But he thought I didn't saw it.

'Mate.. can you get me something to drink? A glas of water or something?' I ask.

'Yeah Sure Zayn just a minute' he says putting his phone on the desk and walking off to the kitchen.

I don't know if I should do this. Probably not. Why does Niall has to hide something to me?

I decide to leave until the phone suddenly goes off.

Text by Liam.

I grab it and open the text shouting ' Niall you've gotta text from Liam' .

Suddenly I read it and my smile fades.

I read the message Niall wrote him and then the reply.

'Don't worry mate , I'll go and get her'

'SHE'S AT CHRIS'?!!' I shout as Niall storms into the livingroom probably not wanting me to read the messages.

'Zayn, calm down. She texted me and I wanted to get her but you came along so I sent Liam! No need to worry she'll be right here' he trys to calm me.

'Why did she go to Chris?!' I ask still angry about the thought her beeing with him.

'She said that she went with him to the hospital and he offered her to stay the night at his.' he replied.

'HE WHAT?! I'M GOING TO KILL THAT BASTARD' I say shooting up but Niall grabd my arm.

'No Zayn! You'll stay here and talk to Sibel!' he demanded.

I sit back down.

'But if anything happened I'll kick that damn ass out of the world' I state.

Niall just nodds.

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