Lost in Love. ♥

Living with my best friend Sibel in London can be really funny. Especially when you're close to the boys of One Direction. I have known Niall now for more than 16 years and now here I am sharing a house with him in a private place in London city. Everything has it's ups and downs but finally everything's perfect and nothing other than just perfect.


28. stay the night


Abi's P.O.V.

I'm not in the mood to dance or even drink. I feel like throwing up every second.

But eventhough I wanted to spend some time with Niall and the others.

I could watch him all day dancing and acting like an idiot. He's so adorable.

Harry might be right. I have been searching for someone so long but didn't realise all I wanted to have was right beside me. But the fact that I might just die in a few makes me feel even worse.

I can't let him know or even feel for him like this if I have cancer..

I just need some time to figure out everything. Maybe someday everyone will get to know about it and that day would be like the worst day of my entire life.

So I'm standing here. In the middle of the club. Pretending to have fun but all I'm doing is watching everyone and trying to hold back my sickness.


'Sibel, I think I'll go get some fresh air.. I'll be back in a few, if anyone asks I'm just walking around a bit' I shout into Sibel's ear trying to get her attention.

She looks at me quite worried.

'Aren't you feeling well  Abi?' she asks in a confused tone.

'Not really but don't worry about me' I say giving her a reassuring smile.

'You want me to come with you?' Sibel questions.

'No it's alright. I'll be back soon , love' I say smiling one last time at her as I finally walk towards the door.

This is a private party so there aren't so many paparazzis in here. 

Just a few but they are only in the club taking some picture of the promis. So no one would be outside.

I slowly open the door and find my way out of the club full of sweating and drunk people.

I keep on walking around trying to breath the cold air into my lungs while trying to just gulb my sickness down.

Suddenly I saw someone really familiar standing at one of our cars while pulling out a cigarette.

It's Zayn. 

I slowely walk over to him wondering why he isn't in the club.

'Hey Zayn' I say smiling as he turns around quickly.

'Oh Abi, what are you doing here?' Zayn asks lighting his cigarette.

'I could ask you the same' I say and hear him chuckle.

'Just wanted to smoke one, and what about you?' he says puffing out the smoke.

I wave my hand in front of me in disguest.

I've never been someone who ever thought a second about trying to smoke. I think it's something what spoils your inside and is just injurious to health. But It's finally up to him.

'Oh sorry, love' he says seeing my reaction.

'No it's fine. I just didn't feel like clubbing today' I state trying to find the right words.

He nodds and takes another pull on the cigarette.

'May I ask you something?' he suddenly says from nowhere.

'sure what is it?' I ask looking back at him trying to avoid his cigarette.

'What's up between you and Niall?' he says grinning at me.

Confusion gets all over me but at the same time I'm really happy.

'Wh-what do you mean?' I ask trying to control my heartbeat.

'You know what I'm talking about Abi. Don't tell me you don't have feelings for him' he says blinking to me. I feel myself blushing as I face the ground.

'awww someone's badly in love' Zayn says making me laugh.

But the laughter fades at the same moment as everything gets fuzzy again.

I take a step back hitting a carside.

Zayn's smile fades aswell as he steps towards me trying not to let me fall.

Suddenly everything is back to normal and I try to stay steady.

I could tell Zayn was really worried by his face expression.

'You're okay Abi?' he asks still looking at me.

I just nodd silently.

'You don't seem to be fine. Are you alright? Aren't you feeling well?' he asks in a worried tone.

'Yeah.. I'm feeling a bit sick but doesn't matter' I say giving him a fake smile.

'Do you wanna go home? Or shall I go get Niall?' he asks still unsure.

'I don't know.. I don't want to ruin his night' I state facing the ground.

'I'm sure you're not. Just wait here I'll go get him' he says looking one last time at me while turning around and jogging over to the frontdoor.

Again I'm left alone in the dark feeling worse than ever before.


Niall's P.O.V.


After a while everyone started to get away from us. At first I couldn't see Abi anymore. After that Zayn was gone and now Sibel and Harry are gone aswell.

Probably they are all dancing around in a side of the hall.

I was right in the middle dancing with Louis and Liam as Seyhan arrived and started to dance with us. We danced what felt like ages as suddenly someone grabbed my arm and pulled me to the side.

I turned around to see Zayn standing infront of me.

'What's up mate?' I ask still dancing to the music through his grip. I was quite drunk so nothing really bothered me.

'Abi.. she's not feeling well Ni.. she's waiting outside. Would you mind taking her home?' he asked but I stopped listening to him as I heard the first 5 words coming out of his mouth.

'What's wrong with her?!' I yell without even noticing how loud I was until a few people turned around and looked a bit strange.

'Nothing, she's just feeling a bit sick. You should drive her home mate..' Zayn replied.

I nodd and we both jogg towards the door.

'Abi.. Niall will drive you home' Zayn says as I look up to face Abi. She's really not feeling well you can see it in her eyes.

'Niall , you don't hav-' she starts but I cut her of.

'Shh it's ok, let's just get home.' I reply and see a small smile coming up on her face.

I turn around to Zayn who's smiling at me aswell.

'Thanks mate' I state as he nodds and turns around walking back to the club.

I look back to Abi who's still standing there and smiling.

I open the door and so does she. We get in and find our way back home.


'You're okay , love?' I ask entering the livingroom and putting my jacket on the sofa.

'Yes.. I think I just need some rest' Abi mumbles without even looking at me.

I walk over to her and place my hands on each side of her shoulder.

'What's wrong with you? I try to control not to ask you anything about this but you don't give me a choice. Remember that evening you wanted to tell me something and than you told me that wasn't the right time. Abi if you look for the right time it'll probably will be too late' I state looking deep into her eyes.

She looked at me shocked. Tears starting to build in her eyes.

'Abi..what's wrong?' I ask as I try to wipe away her tears.

'You're right..' he mumbles facing the ground. 'It's to late. For everything' she finally says turning around and running upstairs.

Shit. I messed it up. Just everything.

I run upstairs aswell trying to catch her. She's running right into her bedroom slaming the door right in front of me and locked it.

'Abi! Open the door. I need to talk to you' I say knocking on the door.

No response.

'What do you mean by too late? Abi just open the door!' I yell this time hitting harder against the door. I ehar her sobb.

'Don't cry! Please. I just want to talk to you.' I say and suddenly the door swings open.

She looks at me her cheeks puffy and red. I can see I really hurted her with my words. But why?

We walk over to her bed and she takes her seat.

I sit down next to her and pull her into a hug whispering ' I'm sorry'.

She starts to sobb again. I feel really guilty. I don't wanted to see her cry. But there must be something what's bothering her all the time.

'It's not your fault Niall..You didn't do anything wrong..' she mumbles into my chest.

'I did! If I was a real best friend I would never let you cry' I said stroking her cheeks. 'I just don't want you to get hurt.. I.. ahm I..' I couldn't control the words coming out of my mind. 

She looked at me confused.

'You what?' she asks quite irritated.

'Nevermind..' I mumble letting go of her.

I looked down a bit embrassed of what just happened. I nearly told her that I'm in love with her.

I can't tell her something like this in such a situation. 

'Niall , what's wrong?' Abi's voice interrupted my thoughts.

'Nothing..' I mumbled. I looked back at her seeing uncertainity in her eyes.

'But I can tell something is not alright with you. Tell me Abi, I'm your best friend! You can't hide anything from me.' I stated as she was still staring at me without saying anything.

'Niall I just.. can't..' she whispered facing the ground.

'Why not?!' I nearly yelled making her tremble.

'I just need some time.. You have to believe me.. I-I will tell you guys tomorrow.. I j-just need some rest.. please niall' she said looking at me with tears in her eyes.

I nodd silently turning around and walking towards the door.

'Niall?' her voice made me turn around.

'Can you.. stay with me please.. for tonight?' she stuttered.

A smile came up on my face as I made my way over to her and got in bed next to her.

I pulled her close to me and kissed her on her forhead and we both drifted off to sleep.


Sibel's P.O.V.


It's been about 15minutes since Abi had left. I'm really kind of worried. What if she collapsed outside and no one would even know? I shouldn't have just let her go on her own.

As I see Harry and Seyhan getting back to me and the boys I rush over to Harry while pulling him out of the crowd to the side.

'What's wrong Sibel?' Harry asks. I could tell he saw the irritation and confusion in my eyes.

'Abi..' I start saying searching for the right words.

'Abi?! What's wrong with her?' his voice tensed.

'No, nothing.. it's just.. she left about 15minutes ago to get some fresh air and..' I start again.

'You let her go alone?!' Harry yelled.

'She told me she's fine. But this isn't the right time to fight about this. I just wanted to let you know I'll go find Abi. Zayn went out to smoke so probably when he arrives he will ask for me. Just tell him I'm outside with Abi, until then I might have found her' I say as he nodds.

I walk back towards the crowd to get my jacket from my seat. Everyone was still dancing as Harry joined but Niall was missing. I grabbed my jacket and went off.

I'm not really tensed. I just need to know where she might be. I mean this isn't typical for her just to go away and don't return.

As I find my way to the door I feel someone grabbing me from behind and pulling me to the corner.

I try to turn around but the stranger covers my eyes with one hand and the other arm is around my neck pressing me against his chest. 

I feel myself tensed as he whispers into my ear ' Don't move and no one will get hurt'.

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