Lost in Love. ♥

Living with my best friend Sibel in London can be really funny. Especially when you're close to the boys of One Direction. I have known Niall now for more than 16 years and now here I am sharing a house with him in a private place in London city. Everything has it's ups and downs but finally everything's perfect and nothing other than just perfect.


12. Right or wrong?

'What the fuck are you doing with her?!' he shouted right into my face. I stood up and tried to calm him down.

'Mate just calm-' I said while rubbing his back but he flinched away.

'DON'T you dare touch me' he hissed.

I got shocked. 

'Ni- Niall?' I heard  a shaky voice from behind. As I turned around I saw Abi sitting up on the sofa. Her eyes filled with tears. I could see she was afraid of him.

'Abi you come with me. NOW' he yelled while grabbing her upper arm.

'No..' she didn't move.

'NOW I SAID' he yelled even louder.

'You- You're hurting me Niall' a tear escaped her beautiful brown eyes.

I can't watch it anymore. I grabbed her other arm and pulled her into my chest.

Niall looked surprised. 

'Abi I-I didn't wanted to hurt you..' he said while kneeling down on the floor.

A tear escaped his eyes and fell down on the grey carpet.

I didn't know what to say so I stayed silent.


Abi's P.O.V.


Whats going on with Niall?

'Niall what happend?' I asked letting go of Josh's soft grip and bent down to face Niall.

He was upset - really upset I could see that.

'I don't know Abi , you said you'll be home earlier this time I got tensed' he stated still looking at the ground.

'Niall , I fell asleep without knowing the time. It wasn't like I don't want to get home. I really missed you. But you don't have to care about me like I'm a baby. We had this argument already and nothing changed inbetween 2 weeks. Sometime's your so.. possessive.. you don't even notice.' I mumbled.

'Possessive? Abi you're my best friend' he said looking into my eyes. His eyes were puffy and red.  

'Yeah right , best friend but not your girlfriend. Of course I'm not because I'm Josh's girlfriend' I said without wanting to say the last part.

He looked at me. Angry. 

'I-I mean-' I stuttered.

'No Abi , you don't have to say anything. It's alright' he said standing up.

he tried to walk away but I grabbed his hand and turned him to face me.

He looked down on the floor.

'Niall..' I said lifting his chin up to face me. I saw tears were building in his eyes and a small tear escaped travelling down his cheek. I wiped it quickly away and hugged him tightly.

'Niall I know you don't like it and I can't understand why but I love Josh - I really do and he cares for me and loves me more than ever a guy did. Except from you and thats why you're my best friend right? I would always choose you if anything happens because I love you that damn much and you know that. But for now I need also to spend time with Josh because he's really like my big love. Please trie to understand.' I said while holding him close to me still in a hug.

I felt tears fall down on my neck.

'Niall? What's wrong? Wh-Why are you crying?' I asked pulling back looking into his eyes.

'Maybe..' he said quitly ' I really have over reacted.. i don't want you to be hurted' - ' I wont be! I would be the happiest girl on this whole planet only if you would agree with me that Josh is a nice guy.' I responsed.

A smile came up on his face. 

'Well if you're happy I'm too.' He said kissing me on my cheek.

'Ehhh guys , well ahm I think now everythings alright , huh?' Josh interrupted us with a big grin playing on his face.

'Yeah mate , i think you should be happy to have such an amazing girl by your side' Niall said turning to Josh.

'I am.' Josh said while grabbing my hand and pulling me close to him. I giggled.

'Well mate , if you don't mind.. Can Abi stay the night at mine?' Josh asked with a big smile playing on his lips.

'I- I think it wont be a catastrophy if she's a not at home for a night. But Mate if you do anything wrong i swear-' 'NIALL!' I yelled and everyone started laughing.

'Well Niall , I can't promise it will be hard but I'll try' Josh said joking.

'I hope so Josh, remember I always can come over here and break into your house like i just did right?' Niall said while laughing on last time and leaving the house.

We both sat back down on the couch laughing.

'Well babe , I'm really tired let's go to sleep?' Josh glanced at me.

'Yeah you can go , I'll sleep on this awesome couch' I said with a cheeky grin on my face while laying down.

'Oh come on , I didn't get the permission for you to stay the night only because you can sleep on the couch' he said while coming closer to me. He pulled me over his shoulder and carried me upstairs.

'Don't try to do anything stupid or I'll tell Niall and it will end worse for you' I said while hitting into his back.

He just ignored me.

He opened his door , went over to the bed and laied me down gently.

'I'll try.' he said while kissing me softly on my lips.

It felt so right but in the otherside wrong because I don't even know him for a long time.

I wont go any further with him until I got to learn more about himself

After half an hour I fall asleep in his strong arms.


Niall's P.O.V.


Something is wrong. It's 2.30pm and I just can't sleep in the thoughts of what they both will be doing right now. I mean of course I know what they will be doing. They are definatly sleeping but the thought of both of them sleeping in one bed under just one blanket made me sick.

I do love her but i can't tell until she gets to know about Josh's real face. Even if I don't want her to get hurt. But sometimes you have to stop saying and just let things happen so the others will lern from it.

Abi will realise soon Josh is bad news and that day she's coming back to me with her eyes filled with tears I'll tell her my feelings. Until then it's just stop thinking about Abi and concentrade on my career.


The next morning I woke up by the sound of the doorbell.

I walked downstairs in hope to see Abi standing right infront of me so i could pull her into a big hug. The toughts of her made me smile the way from the livingroom to the door and full of hope I opened the door.

My smile droped as I saw 4 familiar boys standing right infront of me.

Zayn , Louis , Liam and Harry. 

'Hey maaate what's up? Zayn said walking in while pulling me into a big hug.

I just smiled and let them walk in.

They all sat down on the big with couch infront of the TV and i got to the single couch on the right side of them.

'Niall  everything alright mate? You look upset' Louis said while staring into my eyes.

'Ye-Yeah of course , I mean why not?' I faked a smile.

They all realised it. They become worried.

'Ju-Just tired you know' I tried to act like nothing happend but the picture of Josh grabbing Abi's arm and pulling her close to him made me get even more sick.

'Don't seems like you're just tired dude , tell me what's wrong?' Harry's voice was shaky.

'Still mad about this Abi thing?' Zayn asked while his one eyebrow was raised. He always raised his eyebrow if he asked something know the answer.

'Ho-How do you-?'I got tensed. Do the know about my crush on Abi? How?

' Niall , It's just a week. You'll see her soon' Zayn said rubbing my back.

God damn. I thought they would have known that I love Abi. I can't hide it from them but I have to.

'No no , I mean yeah kindda' I said with a shaky voice.

'Well if you don't want to tell her we can' Liam said while getting slowly to the stairs.

'NO! I- I mean she.. ahm she isn't here.' I stuttered.

Liam turned confused. 'What do you mean by "she isn't here" It's early in the morning , I know Abi. I bet she's still asleep.' 

'Yeah could be' I said looking at the ground.

'COULD BE?! Niall. Where is Abi?!' Harry nearly screamed.

I felt a tear escape my eyes.

'WHERE?' Harry yelled.

'At Josh's.' I sighed.

'Josh? But what- and wh-why do you cry? Niall.. Everything alright between you both? and why JOSH?' Louis yelled. 

Louis hates Josh. They never liked each other and it's kind of funny because now Louis is just like my best mate - i mean all of the boys are and Louis always tries to prevent every topic about Josh.

'Yeah Niall , what happend?' Zayn got worried.

'They are like.. ahm..kind of dating and stuff' I felt another tear roll down my cheek hitting the ground.

'Mate , you're not jealous , are you?' I felt Liams hand on my right shoulder as he stepped infront of me and wiped my tears away.

I sighed. 

'Oh man , how can you stay with Abi without telling her you have feelings for her?' Harry yelled.

' I-I don't know.. I'm not even sure' I mumbled.

'But we are' Zayn smiled. ' You love her from the bottom of your heart and thats why you over react somethimes when it comes to her. Your just madly in love with her mate !' he said poking me into my arm.

I smiled in relief. I didn't know how they would react if they get to know.

'But wait , still a big problem. What about Abi and Josh? I mean are they really DATING?' Liam asked surprised.

'Yeah I think so' I said looking at him confused.

'Don't worry Ni , it's going to be alright. Everything. Just give her some time and she'll get to know what kind of boy Josh is' Louis said giving me a smile.

'Yeah I hope so' I mumbled.

I really hope he wont break her heart .

I hope he wont treat her the way he treated Jessica.


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