Lost in Love. ♥

Living with my best friend Sibel in London can be really funny. Especially when you're close to the boys of One Direction. I have known Niall now for more than 16 years and now here I am sharing a house with him in a private place in London city. Everything has it's ups and downs but finally everything's perfect and nothing other than just perfect.


27. Out together


Sibel's P.O.V.


Seyhan seems to be a really nice person. As we first saw her I think everyone was caught up by her beautiful smile. She's not like Louis but in a way she is.

I can see we all are going to be really good friends. She's just perfect to our 'family' if you can call us like that.


After we all arrived at Niall's everyone went into the livingroom sitting around Seyhan and talking to her. Louis was sitting right next to her and had put an arm around her shoulder. She was really important to him you could see that. Abi and I went into the kitchen to make some tea for everyone.

While the boys stayed chatting with Seyhan , talking about her studies etc.


'She seems really nice, doesn't she?' Abi asks while filling the can with some water.

'Yeah , she's just like you. The way she talks and laughs about everything' I state as Abi starts laughing.

'I think we're gonna get along with her very well , she doesn't seem like a shy person' Abi says smiling at me which makes me laugh too.

'I know what you want to say. I might be a shy person but I'm also sure we're going to be great friends at all' I respond watching the water starting to boil.

Suddenly a voice interrupts our talk as we both turn to the doorside.

'Hey guurls , need some help?' Seyhan smiles walking into the kitchen.

'We've just finished but thanks anyways' Abi says smiling back.

'Well, Seyhan tell us about you. We know you talk a lot so you wont mind repeating everything you talked to the boys wont you?' I asked making her chuckle.

'Yeah , I'm Seyhan. 16 years old. From Doncaster. Louis' only sis-' she starts as we interrupt her.

'That's something we already know love , Louis talks like every second about you since you decided to spent time with us here in London' Abi says making her blush a bit.

'Well I just finished my final year at college and want to start Journalism next year but for now I need to do something like a placement and now I'm here.' she smiles proudly.

'Wow! Journalism, that's really intresting. But I think this is really like your perfect job since you talk a lot - really a lot' I say laughing.

'Yeah kindda.. but anyways I also want to get to know you guys better.. so tell me something about you' Seyhan says grinning at us while taking a green apple from the counter.

This girl is really cute.

'Well, I'm Abi Miller. 17 years old and I've known Niall since we were baby's and thatswhy I'm here' Abi says blushing a bit.

Wait, what? Why did she blush talking about Niall? Kind of weird.. but ok.

'Niall? Oh yeah , that blond guy.. right?' Seyhan questions.

'Jepp.. that little Irish idiot' Abi says laughing.

'You're dating him?' Seyhan asks as Abi's eyes shoot up.

'NO! I mean.. we ahm.. we're kind of best friends' she stutters making Seyhan and me laugh.

'Oh sorry, haha' Seyhan laughs ' and what about you.. Sibel right?' she asks looking over to me.

'Ahm yeah , I'm Sibel. Abi and I have been best friends since college and I'm currently dating Zayn.' I say feeling myself blushing a bit.

'Awwww that's so cute!' Seyhan stated and blinks at me making me even more blush.

'Shut up!' I say and we all start laughing again as we hear people walking into the kitchen.

We stop and look at the boys who are standing at the doorframe looking kind of irritated which makes us laugh even more.

'What's so funny girls?' Louis asks entering the kitchen as the others followed him.

'Nothing just some girlytalk you know' Abi says strying to catch her breath still laughing.

'Oh really? What kind of 'girlytalk'? '  Niall asks sitting down on the dinningtable.

'That kind of 'girlytalk' you don't want to know' Seyhan says and now everyone including the boys start to laugh too. 

'Ok ok. I think it's kind of boring to spend the whole day here in this kitchen laughing isn't it?' Zayn asks walking over to me as he leans in and kisses me on the cheek.

I can feel my cheeks turn into a deep red as everyone's staring at us.

'You guys get a room!' Harry yells and again everyone is lying on the ground trying to catch their breaths.

'Anyways.. what Zayn wanted to ask you is what about we all go out together? It would be nice to spend some time and the first day in London wouldn't be such a boring day for Seyhan either.' Liam says catching everyone's attention.

'Yeah! What about clubbing? There's a new club called 'Empire' here in London. Do you like to party seyhan?' Harry asks looking over to her.

'Party?!' she asks a bit surprised and I could see Harry's smile drop on her reaction.


Harry's P.O.V.

'Yeah! What about clubbing? There's a new club called 'Empire' here in London. Do you like to party seyhan?' I ask hoping she would be fine with it.

'Party?!' she asks a bit surprised. My smile fades on her reaction.

'Hell yeah! I love to go clubbing! Harry what kind of question is this? I'd love to spend time with you all and dance all night' she says moving like she was already dancing.

Wow. She's so amazing. I never met someone like Seyhan before. She's so lovely and adorable cute. But in another way she's so damn sexy for her 16 years. I don't want to fall for her but this isn't getting easier if she acts like this. 

'I don't know really guys, I'm not feeling quite good yet' Abi interrupts my thoughts. And again my smie fades. Thinking back to everything what happened in the hospital and the the fact Abi has cancer. I stay silent. I don't want to force her cause no one will know what might happen there.

'C'mon Abi! Just some hours. I promise you will get ride of everything with one or two glasses beer. Just trust me' Niall tries to comfort her.

She thinks about a minute or two and then nodds her head yes.

'So when are we leaving?' Seyhan asks still excited.

'If you're ready. We are too' Louis says grinning at her.

'But I'm not ready yet. What time is it?' she asks looking over to me.

I shrugg my shoulders not knowing the time exactly.

'It's ahm.. 5.27pm' Liam states.

'Ok then let's meet up here at.. 6:30pm?' she asks still looking at me.

I can't help but smile.

'Ok then , get ready ladys' Louis says as the girls walk out of the room.

This is going to be an unforgetable night.


Niall's P.O.V.

The boys and I didn't took lot of time to get ready. 

I was wearing a black skinny jeans with my grey v-neck and some grey sneakers.

we all waited for the girls to come downstairs.

After a couple of minutes they arrived.

All of our jaw dropped as we saw the three gorgeus walk downstairs in their way to beautiful dresses.


Seyhan was wearing a tight black/pink dress with pink heels and her curly hair was tied together in a pony tail.

Sibel had a short red dress matching to her red heels and curled her hair too.

At least Abi arrived. She was wearing a light blue tight dress with some blue heels and her natural straight hair was perfectly lying on onside of her shoulder so you could see her tattoo on the left side of her neck. 

They all looked so beautiful you can't put it in words. 

Zayn smiled brightly as Sibel walked towards him. She was blushing.

Seyhan wasn't really blushing. You could see the excitedness in her face.

And then Abi arrived slowly walking down the stairs looking me straight into my eyes.

I love her beautiful dark brown eyes. I felt like walking towards her grabbing her and just kissing her on her sweet lips. I had to control myself.

'You're ready guys?' Seyhan's voice interrupted my daydream.

I looked over to Abi and smiled one last time as she grabbed my arm and everyone went outside.

I locked the door expecting everyone to be at the cars.

As I turned around I could see Abi waiting for me alone.

'Everything ok Ni?' she asked confused as I walked slowly towards her feeling nervousness building in my soul.

'Yeah.. y-you look gorgeus' I stated and saw her cheeks turn red.

What? It's like the first time she blushed because of my statement.

'Thank you' she said as she looked directly into my eyes.

Moments past by and we just stood there without talking just gazing into eachothers eyes.

Finally Zayn arrived and called us.

We both chuckled as we walked over to the car.

'There you are! What have you been doing guys?' Louis asks and I could see Liam hitting him in the right arm as he suddenly let out an ' Ohh I see' while blinking at me.

I glared at him and we stepped into the car making our way to Empire.


Seyhan's P.O.V.

The drive to the club called 'Empire' was really quite. Without knowing I started to think back to the last time I was clubbing. It was the day I found out about the truth betwen Max and me. The thought of him gave me goosebumps. I can't really understand why I loved him that much.

We didn't really spend time together. Only in school. The relationship between us was just childish. He never came to visit me or invited me to his. We just made out in the school coridor in the break time so everyone knew he had a 'new girlfriend' and unfortunatly it was me.

The last time I saw him was when Louis went to audition. I was in a café after school and he arrived with his lads after I broke up with him and he entered the hospital because of me.

He was angry and I just tried to avoid him but without any success.



'Yeah mum , I'm in a café right now. Yes. I'll be home in about an hour. Yes I did. Ok see you. Love you too mum. bye' I said hanging up and put my phone back on my table.

I just needed some time to think about everything lately happened. 

I just don't know why I can't get over him even if I know he didn't love me for real.

This is just an awkward feeling. I haven't seen him the past three days. Of course not because I didn't went to school. Louis wasn't here either and I was afraid of seeing him.

So I just visited everyday the nearest Coffee shop to get ride of the feelings I have for my ex.

'Hello love' a familiar voice interrupted my thoughts. I looked up and could feel the fear getting all over my body as I saw Max and his friends standing right infront of me.

I don't want him to know that I'm afraid of him. It would be a plus point to him.

'What do you want?' I hissed turning back not to face him.

'You're still mad at me, baby?' he said in his deep voice sitting beside me.

I moved to the other side but he grabbed my arm and pulled me back next to him.

'Let go of me , fucking bastard' I yelled at him and the next thing I know is he slapped me.

Anger and at the same time fear was playing inside of me.

I tried to hold back the tears which were forming in my eyes.

'Think twice before you call me like that baby' he said and his friends started to laugh.

'I'll get you back. Even if you don't want to. I promise you'll be mine again' he said and with that he stood up and walked out of the café leaving me alone.


*end of flashback*

I didn't dare to tell Louis about what happened. I was afraid he would finally kill that boy.

I needed some time away from everything. I didn't even tell my mum. No one knows about what happend at the café. I just want it to be a bad ngihtmare. But what he said kept on playing in my head. 'I will get you back... I promise you'll be mine again'

Thinking about his cold voice made me shiver.

Without knowing I felt a tear escape my eyes. 

I quickly wiped it away hoping no one noticed. I was sitting inbetween Louis and Harry.

Louis kept on talking to Liam , who was driving the car and Harry was staring out of the car.

I don't know whats wrong with me but since I saw him the first time it was just like a shine in his beautiful green eyes which catched my attention. He was different. In a cute way but he still drove me crazy. I could keep on looking in his eyes every second. He was just reall really handsome and the dimples when he smiles.

Just heartbreaking.


As we arrived everyone seemed really excited. Louis took my hand and leaded me into the club. 

Usually no one would go clubbing with her big brother. But Louis and I were different. We were just like best friends and I could trust him with all my heart.

We went directly to the bar and ordered our drinks.

Yes, I really drink alcohol. I mean I'm 16 and turning out 17 in a few. 

I love to enjoy everything and just relax. 

After half and hour I could tell I was quite drunk. Like everyone. My head was still clear but I was a bit shaking. That happens all the time I go partying with somebody.

I was dancing in the middle of the dancefloor surrounded by Abi , Sibel , Louis and Zayn. 

Liam just sat there on the bar next to Harry watching us. I don't know what got over me but I found myself walking towards them settling down on the bar aswell.

'Guuys! Why aren't you dancing?!' I shout so they could hear me properly.

'I don't really like to dance , seyhan' Liam stated. I nodd and look over to Harry.

'I don't know.. not in the mood right now' he mumbled.

'Oh c'mon! You need to relax a bit!' I say hitting him friendly on the upper arm. 

They both start laughing.

'So guys, why aren't here so many people? I mean usually there are plenty more people in a club' I say looking around the hall.

'This is a privat club , love. Today there are only promi's in here' Harry's says chuckling.

God he's so cute.

'Oh I seeeee..' I shout again. ' Well , I'll go get dancing. Come with me' I say grabbing Harry's hand.

'I hope you wont mind Liam?' I look over to Liam seeing a bright grin playing on his face.

'Go on guys.. I'll wait here' he says. I turn back to Harry who's looking confused.

'Come on let's paaarty!' I shout while pulling him with me to the side of the hall.

I'm a bit too drunk thatswhy I'm acting like a fool but I don't mind.

I'm just enjoying the moment.

'Seyhan , I'll get us a drink. Wait here' Harry says as he walks over to the bar where Liam was sat.

He wasn't there anymore. Instead he was dancing with Louis and the others right in the middle of the hall.

Harry was right. I could see a lot of Promi's in here. The black eyed peas , chris brown , little mix and lot's of more people.

Suddenly I feel two arms wrapping around my waist from my back.

'Harry..' I smile to myself as I turn around but my smile fades.

I take a step back in shock as I see a too familiar boy standing in front of me.


My heart beginns to race as I search for Harry through the crowd but without success.

'Nice to see you too Baby' Max says making me look back at him.

He grabs my arm and pulls me into the back of the hall. Everyone was turned with their back to us so no one could see us really.

'Wh-What are you doing here?' I stuttered trying to get out of his grip.

'I told you I would get you back' he says getting closer to me.

I walk backwards until I hit the wall. I began to shiver as everything around me seems fuzzy.

He puts both of his hands on each side of my head and leans in close. 

Tears are escaping my eyes as I try to burry my head into the wall.

'Get of me' I hiss as he moves closer and I could see him smile.

'By the way babe. Who's Harry?' He whisperes into my ear making me shiver even more.

'Well, that's me' I hear someone saying behind him.

Max turns around and the next I know is that he's lying on the ground covering his mouth.

I look up to see Harry looking worried.

He notices the tears travelling down my cheeks and I could see anger building inside of him.

As he looks back to Max and straddels him punching him several times into his stomach.

I sigh while watching him hit Max until he's bleeding.

Then I realise we're in a club.

'Harry! Stop!' I shout trying to tear them apart as Harry kicks him on last time into his face.

Max keeps on lying holding his stomach and Harry gets up pulling me into a hug.

'Seyhan, you're okay?' he asks with confusion in his voice.

'Yeah.. I'm better now..' I mumble.

He pulls away and I notice his hands.

'Shit. Harry. You're bleeding' I say watching blood pour out of his fist.

'It's nothing , love.. let's get away from him' he says as he pulls me back to another side of the hall.

I stop without knowing what to do. He turns around confused why I had stopped.

'What's wro-' he starts to say but I cut him off by placing my lips gently on his.

At first he's quite shocked of my sudden reaction but after a second he kisses me back.

I pull away still smiling at him and whisper ' Thank you'.

He smiles down at me and places his lips again on mine and kisses me softly.



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