Lost in Love. ♥

Living with my best friend Sibel in London can be really funny. Especially when you're close to the boys of One Direction. I have known Niall now for more than 16 years and now here I am sharing a house with him in a private place in London city. Everything has it's ups and downs but finally everything's perfect and nothing other than just perfect.


34. next morning


'hey.. can I come in?' he asks scratching his neck.

'Yeah sure' I say opening the door wide so he could step in.

'hey Zayn, what's up?' I hear Niall's voice as he enters the hall aswell.

'I just.. ahm I just needed to talk to you.. both' he said looking at Niall and then over to me.

I looked at Niall confused before turning back to Zayn.

Niall and Zayn followed me into the kitchen as I turned on the boiler to make some tea.

'So what is it Zayn?' I asked turning around seeing him leaning against the counter looking a bit sceptical if he should talk or not. Niall was right beside me as I walked over to Zayn.

'What's wrong?' I could see something was bothering him.

'I.. messed up everything.. again' he mumbled without looking at me or Niall.

'What did you do?' I asked concerned.

' I let her go..' he whispered until a small tear left his eyelashes and I quickly pulled his chin up wiping it away.

'what do you mean by let her go? Where's Sibel?' I asked worried.

'Yesterday.. we had a little fight.. and now she probably went to Ireland..' he whispered as suddenly his phone went off.

I was shocked. Why would she leave to Ireland without saying anything?!

He looked at the caller ID and then excused himself before walking into the livingroom.

I stood there still paralyzed. As Niall walked over to me pulling me into a hug.

I couldn't even move.

'She left, Niall.. she left me.. without even saying anything..' I whispered. I could not believe she just left us all alone. Without thinking about her best friend. 

'I'm sure she wouldn't have left, Abi.. I think Zayn is a bit confused at the moment..' he started to say as we heard Zayn's loud voice from the living room.

'She's at yours?!' he yelled a bit of relieved but at the same time angry. 

I grabbed Niall's hand and we both quickly walked into the room where Zayn was. His face was completely pale.

Who was he talking to?


Harry's P.O.V

I woke up the next morning as my phone started to ring.

I took it from the nighttable without even looking at the called ID.

'Hello?' I yawned rubbing my eyes with one hand.

'Hi Harry, it's me Seyhan' I heard a sweet voice as my eyes shoot open.

I sat up on the bed and started smiling brightly.

'Hey love' I smiled into the phone. 'What's up this early morning?' I asked scratching my neck.

'Early morning?!' she asked shocked. 'It's 1.25pm, Styles' she laught.

'Oh well, I'm late riser you should know..' I mumbled as she still kept on laughing.

I chuckled. 'did you sleep well?' I asked.

'Mhmm, and you too I guess?' she asked with her sweet voice. God her voice. I just love it.

'Yeah quite well, just the fact that you were missing made me feel bad..' I said biting my bottom lip.

She laught even more louder. 'Whatever' she started still trying to control her laughter.

'I was wondering if you wanna come over, Louis wanted to go over to Zayn's cause he didn't feel well or something. He will be gone until 4pm he told me..' she stated. I started grinning as I kept on talking. 'Only if you're alright with that, babe. I mean what if Louis turns back earlier?' I asked cheekily. 'Well, I'm sure he wont. And if he does we will come up with something.' she replied. This girl is not just crazy. She's also carefree and self-confident. I like that.

'Okay then, I'll see you in half an hour, I guess?' I asked which was more a statemend than a question. 'Sounds perfect , see ya' she says one last time before hunging up.

I get off bed and made myself ready to go to Louis'.


Liam's P.O.V.

'Sorry I have to take this' Sibel says walking towards the hallway. She looked a bit surprised by the caller. Maybe it's Zayn?

I just sit here as I could hear clearly what she was talking. It's not that I was spying. I just could hear her voice from the hallway cause it is just next to the living room.

'oh hey.. yeah I'm.. fine... no really I'm ok.. not really.. yeah that's cute of you.. really? that's great.. tomorrow? I don't know.. I think that's not a good idea at all.. no n-not because of Zayn.. it's just.. I don't know.. sorry.. ok see you bye' she says and seconds after she enters the room again. 

It wasn't Zayn. I'm quite irritated.

'Everything okay?' she asked as she caught me starring at her.

'Ahmm yeah.. I- ahm just.. who was on the line?' I asked without thinking about what I was talking.

She looked a bit sceptical before mumbling 'Chris..'

'Oh..' I said as I remembered what we were talking about earlier. There's no need to be afraid or something. I mean she told me that they were just friends.

I smiled at her. 'What did he say' I asked showing her to come sit next to me.

She smiled in relieve as she walked over and sat down.

'Just asked me how I was doing and that he got promoted from his boss so he doesn't need to waitress around the club. He's now the bartender and he told me that you get more money for that.' she said smiling.

'That's cool' I stated.

'Oh and he.. ahm he said he could tell somethings wrong with me so he wanted me to.. you know kind of take out so I could spend some time with a friend.. but I told him it wouldn't be a good Idea.. since you've also known everything what happend between me and Zayn, right?' she asked looking a bit hurt.

I could tell she really wanted to meet him. Spend some time with a friend. I think that probably would be a good idea too since I have to go over to Zayn and also talk to him about everything clearly.

The next thing I said shocked her pretty much.

'Why don't you call Chris and tell him you're free tomorrow? I mean we both know you're just friends and I do trust you. You need to relax and have some time with a friend Sibel' I smiled at her.

She got excided. 'You're sure?' she asked a bit confused but still smiling bright.

'Yeah, go ahead.. I also need to go out tomorrow so I'm not afraid you might be alone or so' I said.

She smiled at me and pulled me in for a hug. 

'Thanks Liam, you're absolutely the most lovely guy I've ever known' she said but soon her smile faded.

She looked at me sternly. 'But.. what about Zayn?' she asked.

'He will understand.' I said before standing up.

'I'm going to bed, come I'll show you the guestroom' I said walking over to the staircase taking her hand and dragging her upstairs.

'This one is your room. Bathroom is the first door on the opposite side and my room is right next door. So if there's anything I can do for you I'll be right there' I said pointing to my room. 

She laught as she walked in. 'Thank's again and good night, Li' she smiled at me and closed the door.


The next morning I woke up by the smell off bacon. I walked downstairs only in my boxers regretting it as I entered the kitchen. I just forgot Sibel was at mine. She turned around and just stared at me smiling.

'Morning?' I said furrowing an eyebrow on her.

'Maybe you want to go get dressed before breakfast?' she grinns cheekily at me as I turn around and head to my room.

I grabbed a plain white shirt and pulled it on as I returned to the kitchen. 

We sat there eating and talking until I finally got up and put my plate into the sink.

'Give me one minute I'll be right back' I said grabbing my phone as she nodded and walked to the balcony. I had to keep a small distance so she wouldn't hear who I was talking to.

The phone began to rang as I finally heard a voice on the other line.

'Liam? Where are you? Did you hear anything about Sibel? How is she? Is she in Ireland?' I heard Zayn panick as I tried to calm him down.

'Mate, relax and first take a breath. You're talking non-stop.' I chuckle.

'I'm so worried,Liam..' he stated.

'I know.. and I really need to talk to you but first of all Sibel's save. And she's not in Ireland' I answered him.

'S-She's n-not?' he stuttered confused.

'No.. she's ahm she spent the night here at mine and we talked about everything you know..' I said in a calm tone.

'She's at yours?!' he yelled. I don't know if he's really angry or just upset cause she didn't come home last night.

'Yes Zayn and she's going to stay until she feels ready to talk to you. Don't get me wrong mate, she loves you. She really does but she thinks you don't trust her. Well lets just talk later okay? I'm coming over.' I stated.

'No.. I mean, I'm at Niall's' he mumbled.

'Okay , I'll be there in half an hour. And don't worry Zayn eevrything's going to get alright. Trust me' I tried to reassure him.

'I do, thanks' he said calmer now and then I hung up.

It's time to get ready now.



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