Lost in Love. ♥

Living with my best friend Sibel in London can be really funny. Especially when you're close to the boys of One Direction. I have known Niall now for more than 16 years and now here I am sharing a house with him in a private place in London city. Everything has it's ups and downs but finally everything's perfect and nothing other than just perfect.


31. New start


Liam's P.O.V.

'Shit.. what have I done..' Zayn mumble staring at the door where Sibel went through just two seconds ago.

I release my look from the door'to look at him. He's really shocked of her sudden decision.

No one of us would have ever thought she would even think about leaving to Ireland.

'Zayn you have to find her' I say to him with a concerned look.

He shakes his head no. ' It wont work Liam. She's too pissed of. Things will get worse. I can't go now..' he mumbles still staring at the door.

'If you wont go, I will.' is the only thing I say before turning around and take a run leaving the house.

I don't care what Zayn is going to think about me. The only thing on my mind right now is how I can Sibel persuade in staying. I don't want her to leave. No one wants and she has to be here for Abi.

She's her best friend and she really needs her right now.

As I sprint down the road I was thinking about where she might have gone. 

Then it hit me. Of course Zayn's house. She's probably there packing her things or so.

I really need to hurry as I start to run faster towards the beach. We all live on a long street with everyone's own beachhouses. The whole place is surrounded by water and it is a private place outside of London. Eventhough London city is just about 10 miles away.

On the side of the sand path I see Harry and Seyhan sitting on a bench talking.

I run along the path when I finally arrive at the house.

The door is wide open, she probably forgot to close it cause she was in a hurry. But because of this I know she's still in here cause she would never leave the door open if she goes out.

I stay there trying to catch my breath. I can't believe I just ran this damn street along at this fucking hot day. Zayn's going to owe me something.


I walk in and find my way up to their bedroom. It's not that I just then realise her sobbing.

She's really hurt at the moment. But so is Zayn and she just doesn't know.

I walk in and suddenly she stops sobbing. 

'Zayn.. I don't want to talk or even to see you. Just go!' she yells without turning to look at me.

'Well, since I'm not Zayn I think I shouldn't leave..' I say walking over to as she turns around. Her eyes fully red and her face is covered with tears.

'Liam.. I..' she trembles.

'Why are you doing this Sibel? You know you're hurting us all, right? Did you think you can just say ' Sorry guys I'm leaving. I wont see you ever again' and we would be okay with that?' I ask really disappointed.

'I never said that..' she whispers.

'You didn't but you were about to say that. You can't just leave us because of silly fights between you and Zayn. He loves you, Sibel and I know you love him too. I can't see how you both-' I say as she cuts me off.

'Please don't. I don't want to talk about him right now. I have no options Liam, I'm leaving. I can't stay here' she says trying to hide her shaky voice but fails.

'Why not? And what about Abi? Did you even thought about her? She has cancer Sibel and you just want to leave her so she can fight for her life alone? As a friend you're not supposed to do that. And as a friend I'm also not supposed to let you go. We all need you here. You have to stay.' I say rubbing her back as she starts sobbing.

She huggs me tightly and I just let her cry. 

'You're right Liam. But honestly where should I go? I can't stay here! Everything reminds me of Zayn. I really have no choice other than leaving London for awhile..' she says again.

'You don't need to stay here. If you don't mind you can come with me. Until you're feeling good enough to talk to Zayn. I just wont let you run away. You should face your problems, love and I'm going to help you with that.' I said stroking her cheeks.

'No , you don't have to do that.. I just would be giving you some more preassure.' she tries to argue.

'That wasn't really a question Sibel. You're coming with me. I can't sit there and watch how you tear youself down. And the only preassure you would be giving to us all would be if you leave.' I said grabbing her packed bag walking towards the door.

I turn around to see her still sitting on the ground.

'You have no choice. And I just try to help my friend to get ride of this whole shit' I say smiling at her as she finally nodds her head yes and follows me over to my beach house.


Harry's P.O.V.

Everyone is really upset right now. I still can't believe it. Abi has really cancer. I really hope everything will get well soon. I don't want her to die. She's always been like a sister of mine.

I could truly tell her everything and she makes everyone smile. Just to see them all that upset is killing me inside.

I think I'll go for a walk or something before leaving..' I say finally out of my long lasting silence looking over to Seyhan , Sibel and the boys who where still standing with me in the dining room.

Everyone nodds as I suddenly hear Seyhan's sweet voice saying ' Wait. I'll come with you'.

I smile at her trying to hide my excitement. All of a sudden my whole negative thoughts and feelings are replaced by love and nothing other than just love.

I did never thought someone could change me this fast. 

We both walk outside without even taking care about the others. I mean there's no need to worry since we all are in a bad mood right now. They wont worry about me and Seyhan in this kind of situation. And I'm sure I could really need some change. I need to forget a bit about everything what's going on right now and just hope it'll all end soon.

We walk along the beachside until we reach a bench and sit down.

'I'm really stunned by the fact how much you all love each other.. I mean I've never seen some friends who really care about eachother..' she says smiling looking at me.

'We literally became a family now.. each and everyone is that important to us..that's why it's killing me inside to know just a part of our family is in a critical situation..' I mumble looking at the ground. I can't look into her eyes right now. Those beautiful hazel eyes would just destract me and I would loose control like I've lost the last time as I kissed her. The thought of our kiss made me smile.

She places her hand on my shoulder.

'I can see you all really love and care about her.. I'm glad to know such a sweet boy like you Harry' she says still looking at me.

My smile got even brighter as I finally turn to her.

'Abi's like my little sister. I always had the urge to protect her even if we all have known eachother for about 1 and a half years.. and I don't want to loose her. I can't handle seeing Niall upset all the time. I can't stop thinking about his expression he had on his face as she told us about her cancer. I can still see the fear and sadness in his eyes.' I say looking deep into her eyes.

And there it goes. I'm just speechless. How could someone have such gorgeus eyes? 

Seyhan smiles at me and we just sit there staring at each other as she suddenly starts smiling bright.

'What's the matter Styles? Never seen eyes before?' she asks looking at me with an eyebrow raised.

'Y-You have.. ahm You've got gorgeous eyes..' I mumble still staring at her.

Shit. I didn't just said that , did I?

What the fuck Harry? Are you mad? I quickly turn away in embrassement.

The next thing she says suprises me.

'Not as gorgeus as yours. I love your eyes, Harry' I look back at her seeing her blush.

I smile down at her and chuckle. This girl is driving me crazy. 


Minutes pass by and we stay silent as a sudden thought hits me.

'Seyhan, can I ask you something?' I say out of nowhere.

'Sure, shoot it' she says smiling at me.

'Well ahm.. at the party.. this boy who tried to get close to you..ahm.. did you know him?' I ask looking at her.

Her smile was gone. Shit. Maybe I shouldn't have asked her about this.

'W-Why?' she trembles.

'I don't know.. you don't look like the type of guy who gets scared when someone tries to get close to you at partys. But I could see the fear in your eyes.. did you know him?' I ask again clearly seeing the surprise in her eyes.

'Y-yeah.. that w-was.. ahm.. my ex-boyfriend' she mumbles her eyes still widen.

'Oh..' is the only thing I let go of my mouth wondering why she's that afraid again.

Suddenly a teardrop runs down her cheeks as she turns so I couldn't see it.

'Seyhan, what's wrong? I-I'm sorry , I don't wanted to hurt you in any way!' I say grabbing her shoulder forcing her to look at me. At this moment more tears where running down her cheeks.

'No.. don't be sorry' she mumbles inbetween her tears. 'I'm just a-afraid of h-him' she states.

'Why's that?' I ask holding her tight not letting go of her.

'W-When we used to d-date.. I found out h-he didn't really love me.. and ahm.. L-Louis beated him up.. and h-he went to hospital.. I-I was afraid of him and didn't went to school.. and t-then someday..' she stopped sobbing as fear started to build all over her and she started to shake.

'What happend?' I asked concerned.

'H-he found me.. in a Café.. he tried t-to touch me b-but I moved and h-he just s-slapped me.. and h-he told me he would get me b-back..' she mumbled still shaking.

I can't handle it anymore. All I want right now is to hold her and tell her that I'm here. That I wont let anything happen to her and that no one can ever touch her.Tell her how much I love her and care about her. I want her to know that I wont ever let her go and always be there for her. That she can trust me with everything even though we don't even know each other for a while.

I just want her to know I'm here for her.

But I can't say a word. I try to speak but anger and at the same time sadness comes over me as I place my hands on both side of her cheeks forcing her to look at me.

I can't see the sparkles in her beautiful eyes anymore. It's full of fear.

I gaze into her eyes before pulling her close until our lips are just inches apart. Close to a kiss but I didn't kiss her. I feel her staring at me and her hot breath against my lips as she opens her mouth to say something. Suddenly she closes her eyes and also the space which had been between us while placing her lips gently on mine.

I smile and start to kiss her softly and passionatly. I don't have to say anything. All I wanted to say is just involved in this kiss. Her hands move up around my neck and she deepens the kiss.

Like she's been waiting for this the whole time. I smile as I realise what's happening right now. 

All I want and need is just to be with Seyhan. Just Seyhan and me.

Our lips keep on moving in sync as everything around us seems to disappear. My hands are now wrapped around her waist pulling her close to me without breaking the kiss. I can taste the saltiness of her tears but all I need is just to be with her right now holding and kissing her.

As she pulls away her eyes flutter open looking straight into mine.

'S-Sorry' she mumbles letting go of my neck sitting back straight a little bit distanced to me than before. I look at her confused.

'Why?' I ask.

'We shouldn't have done that Harry..' she mumbles facing the ground.

I take her hand in mine but she doesn't look up.

'Look, first of all it was just a kiss. Second I don't get why this is wrong? I mean I'm sure you felt the same I felt when we were kissing. Seyhan we're meant to be and I wont let you get hurt again, okay? Everything what happend in you past is still the past. All I want is to be with you and spent all my time with you. To get to know you better and hold you. I want to lo-' I say placing her hand on my heart as she cuts me of.

'Please stop that..' she whispers.

'Stop what?' I ask puzzled.

'm-making me.. f-fall for you' she whispers.

A smile comes up on my face as I grab her chin and turn her to face me.

'Why should I stop? I now you feel the same way I do' I say facing her.

'Harry.. you're the best friend of my brother.. and.. we don't even know eachother.. I'm not sure if this is right' she whispers.

'Then let me prove this is right. That you and me are perfect for each other. You're right. We need to get to know us better and I'm sure this all will end up really positive for both of us' I smirk.

She still looks worried.

'But.. Louis..' she mumbles.

'Seyhan, he's not just your brother. He's also my best mate. I'm sure if we explain everything to him he'll understand.' I try to convince her.

She nodds her head yes.

We both stand up and walk back to Niall's house.

'So speaking of get to know us better, how about I'll take you out tonight? I think this would be a change for both of us.' I say smiling at her while taking her hand and intertwining it with my fingers.

'Sounds good, and where are we going?' she smiles.

'Surprise, love.' I say blinking to her as we keep on walking.


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