Lost in Love. ♥

Living with my best friend Sibel in London can be really funny. Especially when you're close to the boys of One Direction. I have known Niall now for more than 16 years and now here I am sharing a house with him in a private place in London city. Everything has it's ups and downs but finally everything's perfect and nothing other than just perfect.


26. meant to be


Seyhan's P.O.V.


'Mum , I'm reeeeady! Can we stop on the way at starbucks? I wanna get a cold coffee before entering my plane' I asked running downstairs towards the kitchen where my mum was sat.

'Dear, It's already getting late! Or else you wont make it to the airport on time' she replied.

'You have known me for 16 years mum and you should have known I'll get everything I want - even if I have to stop the flight from leaving before I arrive' I said blinking at her as we both jogged out of the door to our car.

Yeah I'm a bit spoiled cause I'm the youngest one in the family. I wont except a 'no' for an answer and sometimes I get really angry. But that's my character and that's the reason why everyone likes me - I guess.

It's not that I'm vain or something. My mum always used to say I'm a person who talks and laughs a lot and that's my plus point.

I'm 16 years old and the only sister of the famous Louis Tomlinson.

You might know him as the boy from the boyband 'One Direction' but no one has seen him through my eyes. On the TV or radio he's always like that funny guy who doesn't care about anything and doesn't take life serious. Just like me. But in real life he always used to be the protective big brother of mine. He's been so nice to me and treated me like a brother should treat a sister.

I don't know how I survived these past months without him. In the past we were like 'no one can tear us apart'. I remember back a year ago when I used to date a boy called Max.

He was like my first real boyfriend and I did really love him. Until I found out he acted like he loved me only to see his ex getting jealous. That night I came back home crying and the next thing I knew, Max was lying in hospital with a broken nose and Louis was suspended from school for a week.

It's not that I didn't wanted Louis to beat him up. I really loved to see Max broken. He deserved it.

Well now I'm here, waiting for my check-in with a cup of cold choco-latte in my hand.

I told you I wont miss the flight.

As I entered the plane I got even more excited. Mum couldn't stay until I get the plane. She's got a lot of work and has been busy lately. Thatswhy I decided to finish my final studies in London.

It's just the fact that I would spent time with my big brother and my mum can relax a bit.

I love her as much as she loves me and Louis but sometimes even a mother needs a break right?

And there it goes. I sit down on my seat ,pull out my head phones and close my eyes.

Just an hour and I'll be seeing my cute little idiot again.


Niall's P.O.V.


It has been two days since I had my conversation with Abi.

Everything seemed getting better but there was one thing which bothered me all the time.

She wanted to tell me something. Something really important. I could see it in her eyes.

But she hasn't told me yet. Why?

I don't want to get on her nervs while asking all the time but I don't want her to get upset again.

The past two days she and Sibel had been really excited to meet Louis' sister.

We all are really excited since she's the only one we didn't met yet.

I need to figure out what's wrong with Abi but until she's able to talk to me about it I try my best not to confront her with thousands of questions.

This girl really makes me go crazy all the time. I don't actually know why I'm into her that much.

But I'm sure. I wont get her hurt again. Never again.


Zayn , Sibel , Abi and I got into my Range Rover while Louis , Liam and Harry followed us in Harry's black R8.

I could tell by Louis expression he was really happy to see Seyhan again. He hasn't been so excited since the finals of X-Factor. 

We all had something like a autumn-break so the boys decided to stay at Abi's and mine's. 

We had the biggest house of them all. After me it was Zayn's and the rest of the  boys had their own flat. We lived just like 5 minutes apart from each other so there wasn't a big problem to stay at the other's house.

We had three guest rooms and Abi and I had our own. That kind of made me sad cause I just wanna wake up every morning next to her.

Zayn and Sibel were sharing a room which was the last room of the coridor.

Between mine and Abi's room there was a bathroom which was connected to both of our rooms. and next to Abi's room there were the other two guest rooms.

Harry was staying with me and Liam and Louis shared the second room together and opposite their room there was another bathroom.

That means the last room was only for Seyhan.

The weird thing is no one of us has seen Seyhan yet neither on a picture. So we have no clue how she would look like. 

I think we should wait until she arrives so it would be a surprise to all of us.


Harry's P.O.V.

I'm really excited to meet Seyhan. I don't know why but I really want to see her right now.

I don't know her in any way and haven't seen her yet but since I'm really close to Louis his sister should have the same effect on me. 

After 15minutes of driving we got to the airport. 

We didn't went through the main entry because of all the people and fans. We took the privat entry in the back of the airport which leaded us directly into the arrival area.

So we stood there , waiting for her plane to land. Everyone was really excited to meet her and Louis couldn't stop walking around like an idiot.

But I could tell , the way he acted she has to be something special.

I smiled to myself.

After a couple of minutes people started to walk towards  our direction out of the door.

The plane must have landed there were a lot of people rushing through the long way with suitcases probably to get a taxi or something.

Louis looked up and smiled bright. I looked over to him and I could see a shine in his blue eyes as he suddenly grinned brightly.

'There she is' he whisperes before running past all of us towards the crowd.

I quickly looked after him and the second after I was just.. petrified.

There she was.

A quite small girl with curly brown hair and a smile that was nearly.. perfect.

I could feel my heart skipping a beat as I saw her opening her eyes while she was hugging Louis tightly.

She had beautiful hazel brown eyes which where full of happiness and at the same time excitedness.

She was wearing a pink net-top with black skinny jeans and a black blazer.

She looked amazing.

The weird thing is she doesn't look like Louis. She was like the opposite of him.

After everyone went to her hugging her and interduced their selfes I still stood there staring at her beautiful face.

Suddenly everyone turned around to look at me when I realised I was the only one who didn't interduced myself to her. 

They looked at me confused as I could see Seyhans eyes land on me.

I took a deep breath not to fall into her beatiful eyes again and make my way towards her.

I stretch my hand out for her smiling a bit.

'Hi, I'm Harry. Harry Style's' I say smiling as I could see her chuckle bit.

It made me smile as she took my hand into hers and shaked it.

'Yeah I know , you're the one romancing with my brother, huh?' she asked and everyone started laughing.

God. Her voice. So sweet and just lovely.

I let go of her hand looking quite irritated. I could feel my cheeks turn a deep red as I try to control my heartbeat.

'N-No.. not really' I manage to say while a big smile is playing on my lips.

I hear her chuckle again which makes me gaze into her eyes.

It's like the whole world around us stops for the moment our eyes meet.

Her soft voice takes me back to reality.

'Just kidding.. nice to meet you' she says pulling me into a big hug.

I put my arms around her and feel my heart melting down.

The one thing on my mind right now was..

we're meant to be together.




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