Lost in Love. ♥

Living with my best friend Sibel in London can be really funny. Especially when you're close to the boys of One Direction. I have known Niall now for more than 16 years and now here I am sharing a house with him in a private place in London city. Everything has it's ups and downs but finally everything's perfect and nothing other than just perfect.


4. Lucky Boy

Niall's P.O.V.


I love to watch movies , expecially horror movies with her. The way she cuddel everytime something happens even more closer to me and the way I feel while holding her deep in my arms saying 'It's just a movie' The way her heart beats faster than in usual and I feel in my chest. I love to feel her right next to me. Goosh Whats going on with with me? Am I.. Lord no ! This can't be happening. She's my best friend. But maybe..NO! No no no this can't be happening.


*30min later*


I feel her hot breathing into me chest . It's so typical for her that she fells asleep in the middle of the movie. I turn off the tv and carry her up to her room I slowly open the door trying not to wake her up. She looks so cute when she's asleep. I want to have her all the time in my arms. I lay her down on her bed and pull her blanket to her.



Abi's P.O.V.

The next morning I woke up in my bed. Weird. I don't remember that I went upstairs , didn't Niall and I watch a movie? Gosh , I don't remember anything. Like I was drunk the whole night.

So I got up and went downstairs. I think Niall is still asleep cause he wasn't in the livingroom and neither in the kitchen.

I sat down on the couch and turned on the tv.

Suddenly my phone began to ring.

I picked it up and Sibel was on the other line.

'Heey Abi? You're awake?' she asked laughing

'Well yeah , I guess cause if not I wouldn't be able to talk to you ' I said joking. 'I did expect this answer' she said laughing even more louder. ' So sibel why did you call this early morning?' I asked.

'Oh right , I just wanted to ask you if you want to go shopping and stuff. You know like in the past.' I was surprised. Usually I'm the one who calls Sibel to go out and most of the time she's way too busy with Zayn. ' Is Zayn out today? I asked knowing the answer. ' Well yeah , he's with the boys to the studios and I'm so bored you know..' she said a bit quiter.Thats the reason I couldn't find Niall , he's out with the boys.. but.. why didn't he tell me?' I thought to myself. 'Of course I want to hang out with you sibel , i'll be there in ahm 1 hour?'
- 'Perfect ! Thanks Abi you're great' she said happy and hung up.

I went upstairs to put on some better clothes. I opened my wardrobe and got some black skinny jeans and a pink-white stripes tank top out and put them on with my white Converses. I got into the bathroom made myself ready and brushed my hair to the right side. I loved to brush my long dark brown hair to one side. I got used to it. Suddenly the doorbell rang and I ran downstairs hopping it was Niall.

As I opened the door a tall boy with light brown eyes and brown hair which looked a bit like Zayn's undercut.. with a white v-neck shirt and some black skinny-jeans stood infront of me. He was really handsome and eventhough strange to me.

As he saw me a little smile came up on his lips.

'excuse me , does ahm Niall Horan life here?' he asked a little nervous. His voice was really sexy.

'Yeah but ahm h-he is out with his friends' I said staring into his beautiful brown eyes.

' Well can you tell him Josh was here?' he asked still smiling.

'Josh?' I asked a little bit stupid.

'Ahm yeah , that's me' he said biting his lip a bit.


'oh of course I will tell him' I said smiling.

'Ok thanks' he said turning around while I was still standing on the doorframe. ' Oh and..' he turned to look at me ' you are?' he said while a smile played on his lips.

'I-I'm Abi' I said blushing a bit.

'Cute name' he said smiling a last time, turned around and went away.

I closed the door behind me.

What the fuck had just happend?


Josh's P.O.V.



What a cute name.

And Well she's really pretty too.With that long brown her and those beautiful dark brown eyes. It's like she's meant to be mine but she's Nialls girlfriend. Niall ist my friend , I can't fall for his girl ! Even if it's going to be hard for me cause she wont go out of my mind. Maybe I shouldn't go to Niall's the next days , but If I saw her again I will definatly fall for her.

God why is everything so complicated? What If..No..or maybe? What if she's just a friend? But then she wont be staying in his house while he's out.

She definatly must be his girlfriend.

Lucky boy.




What's going on with Niall?

And who is this Josh guy?

Who do you think Abi will fall for?

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